Patwa – One Gyal Army

patwa-one gyal army
One Gyal Army
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01 – Win Or Lose Intro Produced by Mad Lion
02 – Dem Nuh Ready Feat. Mad Lion (Vocals by Zilfa) Produced by Pezey Krack
03 – Some Gyal A Freak Feat. Young WiZzard Produced by I.N.F
04 – Fall Back Feat. Dre Skuffs Large Amount Produced by I.N.F
05 – Wake Up Freestyle
06 – I’m A Lady Produced by 8thlight
07 – Queen of The Pack Freestyle
08 – Sky’s The Limit Freestyle
09 – Life of Sin Freestyle
10 – Ready or Not Freestyle
11 – Got To Make It Produced by DJ Crooks
12 – How I Feel Produced by Pezey Krack
13 – If I Freestyle
14 – Bad Gyal Feat. Erick Sermon Ifari Produced by Danny Atoms
15 – Good Woman Feat. Showtyme Produced by Jocko
16 – Here I Come Feat. Ifari Versatile Excell Produced by R.Will
17 – Ain’t No Sunshine Produced by DJ Crooks
18 – MaryJane Feat. Push! Montana, Hannibull, Showtyme Produced by Jocko
19 – Strong Vibes Feat. Large Amount Hannibull Produced by 8thlight
20 – What Can I Say Feat. Halo Produced by Pezey Krack

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