Mixtape: DJ Whoo Kid & Jimms – Grimy Season..

DJ WHOO KID and Jimms – Grimy Season
Grimy Season..
Mixtape: DJ Whoo Kid & Jimms
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DJ WHOO KID and Jimms - Grimy Season 

1. Intro
2. Jimms ft. jay bezel-pop dat trunk (produced by jimms)
3. Jimms ft. g.a.g.e-hottest in da game (produced by jimms)
4. Jimms-hottest producer spittin (freestyle)
5. Jimms-calling out your name (produced by most incredible)
6. Jimms-gimme da brain (produced by jimms)
7. Jimms-this is grimy season (freestyle)
8. Jimms-weatherman (freestyle)
9. Whoo kid-speaks
10. Jimms ft. g.a.g.e-it took some time (produced by jimms)
11. Jimms ft. black boy & xtaci-see me in ya city (produced by jimms)
12. Jimms-he be snappin (freestyle) (produced by spree)
13. Whoo kid-speaks
14. Jimms-spazzin out (freestyle)
15. Jimms-white girl (freestyle)
16. Jimms-missionary doggystyle (produced by spree)
17. Whoo kid-speaks
18. Jimms-when u see me (produced by jimms)
19. Jimms ft. g.a.g.e-dont forget da name (produced by jimms)
20. Jimms ft. b-steaze & team hood-yall already know (produced by jimms)
21. Jimms ft. montana-freestyle
22. Jimms-spelling (freestyle) (produced by m-rite)
23. Whoo kid-speaks
24. Jimms ft. black boy, b-steaze, 3rd letta, g.a.g.e & brass-pop dat trunk (remix) (produced by jim
25. Jimms-free beat giveaway


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