Lil Wayne & Drake – The Carter Meets The Cartel II

The Carter Meets The Cartel II
Lil Wayne & Drake
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1.The Carter Meets The Cartel II (Intro)
2.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Bun B – Uptown
3.Lil’ Wayne – One Arm
4.Drake – Houston, Atlanta & Vegas
5.Lil’ Wayne – I Feel Me
6.Lil’ Wayne – Weezy Speaks (Voicemail Interlude)
7.Lil’ Wayne Ft. T-Pain – Maybach Music 2
8.Drake – I’m Still Fly
9.Lil’ Wayne – I’m From The South
10.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne – Stunt Hard
11.Lil’ Wayne – Look At Me (Got Now Remix) (Prod. By PC Of The Olympicks)
12.Drake – Congratulations
13.Lil’ Wayne Ft. Pharrell – Yes
14.Lil’ Wayne Ft. Drake – Unstoppable (Got Now Remix)
15.Lil’ Wayne Ft. Drake – Every Girl
16.Drake – Overdose On Life
17.Lil’ Wayne – Damage Is Done
18.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne – I Want This Forever
19.Drake – Friends With Money
20.Lil’ Wayne – Let’s Talk Money
21.Lil’ Wayne – What The 380 Said
22.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Trey Songz – Successful
23.Lil’ Wayne – I’m Not Human
24.Lil’ Wayne Ft. Swizz Beatz – First Place Winner
25.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne – Ransom
26.Drake – Say What’s Real
27.Drake – Get Like Me
28.Lil’ Wayne – By Myself
29.Drake – Swagga Like Us
30.Lil’ Wayne – T-Wayne
31.Drake – Pop Rose
32.Lil’ Wayne – Conglomerate
33.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne – Ignant Shit
34.Lil’ Wayne – Workin’ On Her Visa
35.Drake Ft. Trey Songz – Give Ya
36.Drake – Get Over It
37.Drake Ft. Lil’ Wayne – Brand New (Remix)
38.Lil’ Wayne Ft. Curre$y – Miami Vice
39.The Carter Meets The Cartel II (Outro

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