Kanye West – No Manners

Kanye West – No Manners
No Manners
Kanye West
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01. The Rant (VMAS)
02. Taylor Speaks (The View)
03. Obama Speaks
04. The Apology (Jay Leno)
05. Hate (Feat. Jay-Z)
06. Run This Town (Originals Mix)
07. Forever (Feat. Drake)
08. Digital Girl (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
09. Make Her Say (Originals Mix)
10. Wheely Shit
11. Kinda Like A Big Deal
12. Flight School (Feat. T-Pain)
13. Whatever You Want
14. Go Hard
15. I’m The Ish
16. Ego
17. Diamonds
18. Diamonds Are Forever (Originals Mix) (Feat. Jay-Z)
19. Touch The Sky (Originals Mix)
20. Champions (Originals Mix)
21. Grammy Family (Originals Mix)
22. Wouldn’t Get Far (Originals Mix)
23. Heard Em Say (Originals Mix)
24. I Wonder (Originals Mix)
25. Good Morning (Originals Mix)
26. All Falls Down (Originals Mix)
27. Coldest Winter (Originals Mix)
28. We Are The Champions (Originals Mix)
29. Fuck MTV (Outro)

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