Garden State Greats – State Honor (Hosted By Tha Advocate, Doitall & JD Williams)

State Honor (Hosted By Tha Advocate, Doitall & JD Williams)
Garden State Greats
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Follow the New Jersey Team: Treach (@TriggerTreach), Doitall (@DoitallDu), Naughty By Nature (@NaughtyByNature), and Tah G Ali (@Tah_G_Ali); Download GSG’s State Honor via

01. Intro
02. Garden State Greats featuring Tha Advocate and Whodini- We Got Dis (NJ)
03. B.Wellz, Doitall,Tah G. Ali- God Given
04. B.wellz,Tah G. Ali,Treach,Fam,Doitall-Sliding Thru The Hood
05. Tha Advocate and Doitall Interlude
06. B.Wellz,Tah G Ali,Doitall- Fly Way (Produced by TIME IS MONEY LLC)
07. Fam,B.Wellz,Tah G. Ali, Treach- Been Around The World
08. Fam,Prince Akeem,E money bags- Illtown-Brick City
09. Flesh Jones,Prince Akeem,Treach,Fam,Tah G. Ali,Doitall,Emoney- Oooweee
10. Doitall Interlude 2
11. Flesh Jones, Fam,Mo Crayne,Prince Akeem,Doitall-Ill Brick City Shit
12. Doitall Interlude 3
13. Prince Akeem,Rich Porter,E Money Bags,Sneak-Watching Me
14. JD Williams (of The Wire) Interlude
15. Flesh Lucas,Prince Akeem,Doitall,Fam- In My Hood
16. Doitall Interlude 4
17. Prince Akeem,Tah G. Ali,Fam,Treach- Around The World
18. JD Williams (of The Wire) Interlude 2
19. JD Williams (The Wire) Emoney Bags, Po1,Sneak-I’m Ready
20. Doitall Interlude 5
21. Prince Akeem,Tah G. Ali,Treach,Fam- Gone Miss Me
22. Tah G. Ali.Flesh Lucas.Treach- Superfriends
23. Doitall Interlude 6
24. Treach,Fam, Tah G. Ali- I Smell Murder
25. Treach,Fam,Prince Akeem,Emoney- The Hardway
26. Treach,Fam,Tah G. Ali,Prince Akeem-Eff you Pay Me
27. Doitall Interlude 7
28. Treach,Prince Akeem,Fam,Tah G. Ali,Emoney-Get Ya Money Back
29. Tha Advocate and Doitall Outro

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