Dr. Dre – The Detox Chroniclez Vol. 4

The Detox Chroniclez Vol. 4
Dr. Dre
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01. Dj Age, Dr Dre- Intro
02. Grafh, Dr Dre- After Party (Detox Exclusive)
03. Bishop Lamont, Stat Quo- Lights Out (Prod By Dr Dre)
04. Raekwon, The Game- About Me (Dr Dre West Coast Remix)
05. Trick Trick- Hold On (Detox Exclusive)
06. Dr Dre, T.i, Nas- Topless (Detox Exclusive)
07. Ice Cube- M.i.a
08. Dr Dre- Turn Me On (Detox Exclusive)
09. Dr Dre, Jay-Z- Under Pressure (Detox Exclusive)
10. Ludacris- Got What You Want
11. Dr Dre, Ludacris- Ogz Theme (Detox Exclusive)
12. Crooked I- Real Thugs (Prod By Dr Dre- Unreleased)
13. Dr Dre, Hittman- When It Comes 2 The Hoes- (Unreleased)
14. Dr Dre- Gotta Feel It
15. Slim Da Mobster, Busta Rhymes- They Goin Crazy (Detox Exclusive)
16. Eminem, Stat Quo- Classic Shit (Detox Exclusive)
17. Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg- The Next Level (Unreleased Freestyle)
18. Lady Of Rage, Kurupt- Midnight Hour (Prod By Dr Dre- Unreleased)
19. Lady Of Rage Detoxed
20. Sunshine Anderson- Problems (Prod By Dr Dre)
21. Dr Dre, Dj Quik- Put It On (Dj Age Exclusive Remix)
22. A-Pinks And Tekneek Detoxed
23. Dr Dre, Eminem- Hell Breaks Loose
24. Dj Age Detoxed
25. Dj Age Vs Dr Dre- Detox G Thang
26. Hittman, Dr Dre- The Hiznit (Unreleased)
27. Dr Dre- Fuck Leaks
28. Rbx, Big Ii Da Boy- Freestyle (Detox Exclusive)
29. Dr Dre- Slow It Down
30. Dr Dre, T.i- Shit Popped Off (Detox Exclusive)
31. Lloyd Detoxed (Prod By Dj Age)
32. Dr Dre, Kobe, T.i- This Is Detox (Detox Exclusive)
33. Lebron Detoxed
34. Nikki Grier, 50 Cent- Incredible (Prod By Dr Dre)
35. Stacks- N.I.G.G.A (Detox Exclusive)

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