DJ J-Boogie & King Cyrus – Blend Nation 456 Pt. 2

Blend Nation 456 Pt. 2
DJ J-Boogie & King Cyrus
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01. Intro
02. Sade- Sweetest Tabu [Boogie Blend]
03. Jodeci- Come And Talk To Me [King Cyrus Blend]
04. Black Street- Dont Leave [Boogie Blend]
05. Faith Evens- Aint Nobody [King Cyrus Blend]
06. Paula Abdul- Rush Rush [Boogie Blend]
07. Force Md’s- Love Is A House [King Cyrus Blend]
08. Zhane- Sending My Love [King Cyrus Blend]
09. Eugene Wilde- Got To Get You Home [Boogie Blend]
10. Billy Ocean- Love Zone [Boogie Blend]
11. Soul For Real- Candy Rain [King Cyrus Blend]
12. Anita Baker- Caught Up In The Rapture [Boogie Blend]
13. Lala Halfaway- Heaven Only Knows [King Cyrus Blend]
14. Jonathan Butler- Sarah Sarah [Boogie Blend]
15. Simply Red- Holding Back The Years [Boogie Blend]
16. Keith Sweat- Make It Last Forever [King Cyrus Blend]
17. Glenn Jones- Only Just Begun [King Cyrus Blend]
18. Isley Brotheres- Between The Sheets [Boogie Blend]
19. Guy- Lets Chill [Boogie Blend]
20. Marj J- With Out You [King Cyrus Blend]
21. Bobby Brown- Tenderoni [Boogie Blend]
22. The System- Dont Disturb This Grove [King Cyrus Blend]
23. Total Ft. Biggie- Cant You See [Boogie Blend]
24. Usher- U Make Me Wanna [King Cyrus Blend]
25. Mary J- Im Going Down [King Cyrus Blend]
26. 50 Cent & Biggie Mash Up [Boogie Blend]
27. Brown Stone- If You Love Me [King Cyrus Blend]
28. Color Me Bad- I Wanna Sex U Up [Boogie Blend]
29. Soul 2 Soul- Missing You [King Cyrus Blend]
30. Al B Sure- Night N Day [Boogie Blend]
31. Bobby Brown- Dont Be Cruel [Boogie Blend]

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