Clipse, HaveHitta & DJ Unexpected – Boxcutter Business

Boxcutter Business
Clipse, HaveHitta & DJ Unexpected
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1. Boxcutter business (intro)
2. Roundtable discussion (feat re-up gang)
3. Dopeman (feat dout gotcha)
4. Oh well (unreleased)
5. Bodysnatchers
6. Cot damn (feat pharrell ab live and roscoe p) (dj unexpected remix)
7. Zen
8. Soldiers ride (feat big j)
9. You aint no killer (feat the re-up gang)
10. Im serious
11. Funeral time (dj unexpected remix)
12. Big dreams freestyle
13. Lady in green (feat pharrell and buju banton)
14. In this game
15. Daytona 500 (freestyle) (feat re-up gang)
16. Mic check (freestyle) (feat re-up gang)
17. Cheers (feat pharrell and dj drama

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