JR Writer Cinecrack Album Cover & Track Listing

Tue, 24th March, 2009


Release Date: March 31, 2009

1 Intro

2 Never in a Million

3 Do My Do

4 Jesse James

5 Going In

6 Shutem Down

7 Cinecrack

8 Extermination (feat. Hell Rell)

9 Gorilla Musik

10 Die If You Try Me (feat. Fred Money)

11 Ya Tu Sabe

12 A&E Show

13 Hands Up High (feat. Fred Money)

14 Fight Musik

15 Maxine

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    Skyz Muzik’s in da building from the WORLD FAMOUS PRODUCTION TEAM THE TRAKDEALAZ!!!!

    I actually did a couple of tracks on this project ( “Cinecrack”, “Fight Musik”, “Do My Do”, and “Goin In”)

    this is the hottest mixtape out right now!! GO COP IT!!!

    646 419 9740 for beats!!!!

    http://Www.trakdealaz.com. comin real soon!!!