Game: Scarface – The World is Yours..

Game: Scarface – The World is Yours

Game: Scarface - The World is YoursThe video game is not a full adaptation of the movie itself. Instead, it is something of a What if? story in which Tony Montana – instead of being killed by assassins sent by his associate Sosa as he was in the film – manages to shoot his way out of his mansion, and escapes with the loss of all his items, his sister, and henchmen.

The rest of the story focuses on Tony’s attempt to rebuild his cocaine empire, live the high life again, and take his vengeance against Sosa.

Following the movie, this game also was notable for its graphic violence (including dismemberment of body parts) which some claims more violent than Grand Theft Auto series, and extensive amounts of profanity, also exceeding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the word “fuck” is said in almost all parts of the game, even to the point where if Tony dies, instead of the usual “Game Over”, “Wasted”, or “You died” available in most other games, the game shows the message “You Fucked Up”.

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