JoeBudden TV or Tahiti TV?

Joe Budden
Joe Budden has recently launched and its getting more popular by the day.  The question is are people tuning in to see Joe Budden or to see his curvy girl Tahiti?  If you don’t know what is lets give you a little background.

Joe Budden, the lyricaly blessed MC decided to take advantage of the internet invasion into the hip hop world.  He carries a camcorder with him and gives fans daily doses of behind the scenes footage of his everyday life.  Budden is also promoting his upcoming album titled “Padded Room” which is due out at the end of Feburary.  Although Joe gives us a lot of good footage he isn’t the star of the show, it’s his girl Tahiti.

Tahiti might be the next big youtube sensation as dudes are lining up just to get a look at her.  She knows this and the two often joke about it while filming.  In fact she admits that her myspace account ( is blowing up with requests and if you check her profile dudes are not holding back.  For real though fellas y’all need to settle down and respect the man.

On the flipside, the site was launched on 1/8/09 and its already getting mad hits, so don’t think Joe doesn’t know what he is doing.  Check out the latest episode below and head over to and support the movement.

For the fellas who want more Tahiti check out jumpofftv’s top 5.

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