Hatgame: NY Kings

FDL NY Kings

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest lids on the market and we came across some blazin NY Kings lids from New Era.  First off, if you have never heard of the New York Kings that’s because they’re part of the FDL (Frank Distro League) collection released by Frank 151.

These lids are the unique throwbacks that represent NYC to the fullest.  They feature the NY Kings logo on the front, which includes the World Trade Center skyscrapers and the custom king crown.  If you flip the cap over you’ll see the letters New York stitched in along with another king logo.  If you like rockin new lids every week then you’ll need a new edition to add to the collection.  Take a look at these you won’t be disappointed.

Frank Distro League The NY Kings New Era Hat, Hats for Men

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