Game: Def Jam 4 – Street Legend..

Sun, 1st July, 2007

Def Jam 4: Street Legend is the fourth installment to the Def Jam video game series. EA Games LogoThere will be different areas in the game the character will be encountering. The story of Def Jam 4 has drama, comedy, suspense, and romance. It will have more realistic features than the last three games. There will also be more artists, stars, and cameos.

Fighters: T.I. Lil Wayne Juelz Santana R Kelly Usher 50 Cent The Game Lil Jon Young Dro Maceo Sean Paul Rick Ross Fat Joe Dave Chappelle Eminem Juicy J DJ Khaled DJ Paul DJ Drama T-Pain Neyo Tupac Notorious B.I.G. Akon Bizzy Bone Krayzie Bone Layzie Bone Wish Bone Flesh n Bone Young Buck Lil Scrappy Birdman Jim Jones P. Diddy Fabolous Mack 10 WC Warren G Young Jeezy Young Joc Havoc Prodigy Bow Wow David Banner Unk E-40 Chris Brown D4L DMX Dem Franchise Boyz Dr. Dre Eazy E Ice Cube Busta Rhymes Snoop Dogg Chamillionare Lil Whyte LL Cool J Freeway Mike Jones Redman Method Man Maceo Nelly Andre 3000 Big Boi Pitbull Pretty Ricky Paul Wall Bubba Sparxxx Soulja Boy Too Short Trick Daddy Twista Shop Boyz Ying Yang Twins Lloyd Banks LeBron James Tony Yayo Will Smith Trillville Young Capone Capone Youngbloodz Jibbs Rich Boy Project Pat Pastor Troy MIMS Ludacris Xzibit Bone Crusher Chingy Camron Afroman 8-Ball.

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  1. Shaungoss says:

    i thing the fighting should be like fight for ny compared to how bad it was for icon
    also it not already bring back the blazin moves and the health bar (also like fight for ny

  2. DJ says:

    I hope they take it back to be like FFNY that was the best by far. that’s still the best fighting game to this day IMO it had it all & if I still had my old original xbox I’d still be playing it now lol icon just sucked in every way. The fighting it that was just lame I got board after 10mins with that one so I hope it not another flop like that. bring back the good old proper street fights, head getting smashed agents walls & pool tables, bottles & bats getting smashed around heads, blazzing (god I miss that). good story lines with more fight options like tag teams, free for all’s the classic stuff that made FFNY so fucking good & with the new feature’s of today’s gaming like online play more detail on the characters & character performance for eg if you just had someone jumping on your leg then you should show weakness it that leg like walk with a limp or not be able to throw a kick as good because your legs fucked it adds more realism into the fights & you have to use strategy you can’t just throw your self in you have to plan your actions as what happens in the fight affects your character & makes you have to adapt to win just like in real life fights. food for thought :)

  3. Victor E. Medley says:

    I CAN’T WAIT! Something much better than the third installment with all the fighting mechanics from Def Jam Fight for the NY! Yes!!!!! :)  

  4. realrap says:

    they should add the hot boyz, jay z, and if lebron james in it than so should allen iverson, kobe bryant, lou williams, and you should put meek millz and jali beatz in it 2

  5. Yung17rpt says:

    they need to have 700fill marmoths monclers pelles ralph lauren taverniti rugby and they should let chu create your own group or be added to any rap group i hope they have THE whole rap group called ONYX sticky fingaz fedro starr sonsee and x1 

  6. Michel the frenchmen says:

    lets just hope that the gameplay is more like the first and the second games then the third one cuz defjam icons gameplay sucked hard , the fighting style of defjam fight for new york  was exellent , well thats my opinion 

  7. Mez says:

    I’m a real def jam and I’m hoping that you all come out with a 4th installment of the def jam saga. This new installment should have the 2nd installment fight mechanics with crisp graphics, more fighters, and new and more blazin moves. I’m a true fan ea won me over with def jam fight for newyork the third installment was not what i thought it would be but the fighting and the dj controls was a new edition to the def jam archives and I’m hoping that the 4th installment if there will be a 4th installment that it will be the best game ever.

  8. orange_outlaw says:

    make the fighting styles and controls the same as ffny add some more chicks and to be able to dress your girl and use her more in story mode. add michael jai white too, dmx. ll cool j.

  9. bsm1017flames says:

    where the fuck is waka flocka,gucci mane,oj da juicemane just the whole bricjsquad/bricksquad monoply clique danm put them in there make it some hood ass shit like fuck

  10. D.Saunders says:

    Yo gotti , lil boosie , hell rell , bg , gucci mane, waka flocka flame , oj da juicemane ,
    big meech, papoose, cassidy , the dream ,wale , frank lini , slick pulla , blood raw , boo rossini Should be included in the game

  11. KudaKo5 says:

    Drake, Yo Gotti , Lil Boosie , BG , Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juice Mane, Hell Rell , Waka Flocka Flame And Lil Webbie should be included on the game

  12. Kensane12 says:

    I wish ppl would stop whining about Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other fake hip hop rappers. Why do you think Def Jam has been filled with ppl like sticky fingaz, freeway, and ludacris. Bkuz Drake makes stupid pop culture love songs for teenagers just like the rest of young money.

  13. Liuqaj92 says:

    Where Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Plies at?? and the women like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Trina, Diamond, Eve, Shawnna, Missy Elliot, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, Amber Rose, and all them……for all that put Terrence and Rocsi on there too.!!!

  14. Ynoble7 says:

    Dang why they ain’t put Jadakiss on there he did sign to Def Jam, and they should have the rest of them D-Block boys on there too, and wheres Jay-Z at on the Def Jam 4 Street Legend roster? EA is slippin fa real.

  15. anthony tetterton says:

    oh her anouther one how about when you play the game can you drive cars and and build your own palces and have your own body grards by your side

  16. anthony tetterton says:

    i have anouther idea what if you can create your own move like any move and put some kick boxing and kun fu and some boxing and some street fight moves and mix them to form some cool moves

  17. Anthony Tetterton says:

    when dose it come out can put people into a window and also can you put for a move break someones nick and body slam now that would be cool oh yea can you put as female fighter like nicky manja and lil kim and mc light and qeen latifa and trina and remey ma and rheiana and mary j and alesha keys now thats a cool way to play

  18. Diamonikue Jones says:

    They need to have female fighters in this new def jam game because any female can do anything any male could do they should have females like Trina, Lil Kim, Shawnna, Rihanna, Tearria Mari, Kimoria, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Remy Ma.

  19. MrRedKarpet says:

    I see all of the rappers and all that in this game and i was thinkin that they shuld have Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka in there sum where

  20. D.Moore says:

    Bring back the fighting style from def jam 1 and 2 cause def jam icon fighting style sucked ass and bring back the blazin. Also give the created character more control and better cloths an stuff. They should bring back alot of the old charcters like DMX, David Banner, WC, TI, The Game, Ice-T, Flava Flav, Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, and Redman to name a few. An I would like to see some new people like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Ice Cube, 50Cent, Kanye West, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Kimbo Slice, Floyd Mayweather, Shaq, Mike Epps, Dave Chappelle, Asher Roth, Cee-lo, Swizz Beats, Three 6 Mafia, Outkast, Bone Thugs, Insane Clown Posse, and females like Ciara, Lady Sovereign, Meagan Good, and Nicki Minaj. An in the story mode I think it should have the created character start his own crew and choose your own crew members. It would be nice if the game was about creating your world, like creating your own character, crew, crib, clubs, and finshing move that would be nice.

  21. blackout says:

    now this is a game not that defjam rapstar bullshit now if they make this im getting this but that rapstar bulls i just going to wip with my ass and what the fuck with not haveing girls like keys and nicki minaj

  22. Android says:

    Some British Rappers woould be great. They have great alternative rhyming skills. An invasion os some Dubstep and Drum&Bass sounds would be perfect for a fighting game.

  23. DreDre says:

    Mayne dey shuld have a section 4 Dirty Souf, Midwest, West Coast, and East Coast n all the rappers from deze places. And alot more costomizable thangs

  24. kilo sparx says:

    i say bring back the blazins. and when you do that, make it possible for players to record their own blazin screams when theyre creating a character instead of having a pre-made scream. the blazins and the gameplay is what made the def jam fighting games hot until icon came out. and add females and more rappers, atleast time is being given for more good rappers to come in. and people associated with the industry like russel simmons scott storch,etc. take the game to the highest level but simliar to ffny and vendetta

  25. Champion Bud Smoker says:

    def jam ruined the game for me with that icon “shit”. I’m going to give it one more chance but if they make this next game at least as good as F.F.N.Y then they have a chance but if it is anywhere near as bad as Icon i wont buy another Def Jam game. I bought 6 copies of Def Jam F.F.N.Y. and if they came out with a remake for the new system i would Buy it again!!!!!

  26. cool guy says:

    BUT SERIOUSLY add these

    KanyeWest,Jayz,Nas,KidCudi,Wale,B.o.b,TheClipse,Pharrel,Maino,cassidy,and Gucci man that will be hot and make the fighting like fight 4 ny and ah bit smoother. i will reserve that game so fast!!! lol my god

  27. (~BigD_313~) says:

    Adding on 2 tha list: KanyeWest,Jayz,Nas,KidCudi,Wale,B.o.b,TheClipse,Pharrel,Maino,RedCafe,Raekwon,StickyFingaz Cassidy,Gucci mane,JodiBreeze,OJDaJuiceman,YoGotti,Rocko,WackaFlackaFlame,ShawtyLo,YungRalph,GorillaZoe,Dorrough,LilBoosie,Drake,Jadakiss Webbie,MikeEpps,Plies,B.G,Juvenile,HurricaneChris,Mario,TheDream,Lloyd,Jeremih,SeanKingston,TreySongz,JamieFoxx,GlassesMalone,NipseyHussle,JayRock,LupeFiasco,Common,Nelly,Chingy,KillerMike,SlimThug, YoungMoney,TripleCs,P$C,Dipset. Cameos: FunkMasterFlash,DJKaySlay,DJHoliday,Mr.Boomtown,Timberland,ShawtyRedd, Zatoven,DJSkee. Female fighters&Cameos: LilKim,NickiMinaj,Trina,Shawna,Beyonce,Rihanna,KeriHilson,Ciara,MariahCarey,MaryJBlige,KeyshiaCole,MelyssaFord, Kimora,LilMama,M.I.A,FoxyBrown,Angel LolaLuv,BuffyDaBody. I think tha storyline should b long as hell,like DefJamFFNY but a lil bit longer& they should bring back tha TagTeamMatch.

  28. ¤¤DR.DRE®¤¤ says:

    this shit is tite and real tite .has all my favprite rappers and it need is much more women artists .i haven’t play it yet but yea sounds like it’s going 2 be on

  29. Dagga Mastah says:

    More Reggae/Dub Characters Sean Paul/Elephant was OK but Just like How Rap and hiphop fans want there best singers. Mavado/Vybz Kartel/Bounty Killer/Aidonia. Those Characters would Be Greatttt Specialy MAVADO..Im A BIG FAN!

  30. Dagga Mastah says:

    More Girls More Girlfriends Girlfriends with different Personalitys..More Flirty cutscenes i havent played def jam icon but i think the player could customize there crib..that would be nice again.. it would be cool if you actually see your girlfriend in your crib and u could interact & have sex with her but she wont always do it as she is not sex slave lol(not that you will be able to see it happen)
    it would be great also if we had a son or a daugher later on in the story…Brands =D everyone likes to have there character look great right..? good. GUCCI/LRG/G-SHOCK/KR3W/SUPRAS/NIKE(MUST!)/RADII/SNEAKTIP.those would be GREAT! O i almost forgot give us the option to change our girlfriends clothing or better yet create you own girlfriend. this is alot…but do take your time and make this great game DEF JAM icon was terrible to me with the DJ STUFF TAKE THAT OUT thats just my Opinion…guys what you think?


    Def Jam games are the SHIT! Don’t stop making them. This game will be the best if you guys add HYPNOTIZE MINDS in it, like DJ Paul, Juicy J, Lord Infamous, Project Pat, Lil Wyte, etc. Three 6 Mafia are the greatest rappers and beatmakers of all time! Their so good EA should make a game on them…


  32. iiiShadeiii says:

    I wish they would stop bitchin up and put out a new version already. NBA Street was fucked up so plz dont go and abandon this game. Its too great to let go. They should put it back to Def Jam FFNY bcuz to me that was their best version. Just mix FFNY and Icon together and this game sells.

  33. dee man says:

    Man me & my cousin was talkin bout this so long ago f**k who on def jam & who not put all artist on there (legends, present, & upcoming) def jam has the best created player system out of any game in the world hands down past or present…bring back everybody from part 1 all the way to street legends (bring keith murray back I see ya brought DMX back & also lets get more females to def jam: fight for NY had a cool variety of females but bring every back along with new people christina milian from part 1 lil kim shawnna kimora (so what her & russell aren’t together come on russell put her on there lol)…and my girl always wanna create her a character we should be able to create male & female the females should be able to have ass breast make they body right which also means they should have female clothing from head to toe club attire or w.e baby phat, apple bottoms, gucci, louis vuitton, chanel, man go all out with this one seriously & I agree with ole’ boy we need a def jam game anually I loved def jam icon & the whole marketing idea but…come on where did all the celebrities go this is fuckin def jam we are talking about can we get beastie boys, onyx…(slam duh duhduh) who doesn’t wanna see any def jam pioneers man if I was to make this game it would sell trillions (honestly) we got technology to make the disc fit all this info on there go all out like I said this is DEF JAM !!!

  34. mel says:

    Def Jam titles sales and everyone from around the globe wants this game to be the game of the year. they got a great list of stars dont half step come correct. i dont want to beat the game in one day and also after beating the game i should feel like i still have a reason to play the game. We need a def jam game anually

  35. KiNG11 says:


    • MIke Beezy says:

      A javon, im go say this once and one time only, if they put Gucci Mane La Flare, Oj Da juice, so icy boyz, and waka flocka flame, ima beat the fuck out dem! 4 real do gucci is a hard as rapper wit waka & juice man but, just 4 dA HELL OF IT IM GO BEAT DAT RETARDED NIGGA ASS! NO DOUBT! LMAO. AND DIS SHIT SHOULD BE AN ONLINE GAME ALSO!

  36. Jonathan Gardner says:

    they need to have guns and cars for the game because if you are goin to own a label u should be able to buy cars and drive them around the city and if sumbody messes wit u u should be able to shot ao bassically kinda make it like a grandtheft auto or saintsrow or sumtheing

  37. Paul says:

    Already…I love Def Jam I really like number 2 cuz the blazin the recced the blazin…number 3 was alryte…but if yall do make another def jam put blazin in it. and more rappers in it lik Z-RO, TRAE, SPM, LIL KEKE, BIG MOE, JUAN GOTTI, BIG POKEY, HAWK, DJ SCREW, S.L.A.B, G-MAAB.

  38. Kamikaze says:

    man it’ll b sum bull if this game never gets developed, im a big fan of the vendetta franchise icon was alright i mean they had a lot of customize options but gameplay was wak, the roster is good but i think they should add all of run dmc, all of wu tang clan, and all of public enemy, also almost forgot the beastie boys. I hope blazin is brought back so each character can be iconic n symbolic. n hopefully a lot of customizable options wit different color decisions, it would b raw if they make it so you can create your own clothes…..with that said i really hope this game gets developed n if it doesnt that’ll piss me off to the fullest…. i mean they did so well with the first 2 n alright wit the third so y not a fourth one

    • Austin says:

      yo this is complete bogus dont feed into this shit spread the word come on for one second think, i can take to handfuls of artist that aren’t what?….. signed to DEF JAM how can it possidly another def jam game if the artists this and nearly every other blog have non def jam compliances this was made by a fan its not real dave can’t fight if they didn’t put LL Cool J in DJFFNY:( he is more ripped than D-mob then there isn’t a way in the world NEYO come really hell no he aint in it thats if there will be another please copy and paste this every where yyou see a fake post so ppl will stop being fooled

  39. $tacks says:

    I got this from that other guy that posted it but he’s right you guys need to add more fighters like the ones listed right here it would bring a wider variety of people imagine putting Asher Roth & Big Pun in there or even Jam master J think about it,plus icon was garbage & im a fan of the games follow the concept of Def Jam Fight for N.Y….-Michael Jackson,Plies,Big Pun,Kevin Rudolph,Drake,Proof,Nate Dogg,MC Hammer,Omarion,Baby Bash,Cassie,Flo Rida,Sean Kingston,Mase,TheDream,Ciara,Gorilla Zoe,Gucci Mane,Crime Mob,Kanye West,Lupe Fiasco,Yung Berg,Common,Lil Boosie,Juvenile,Baby Boy Da Prince,Birdman,Webbie,Hurricane Chris,Mario,Jay-Z,Nas,Jadakiss,Ja Rule,Ghostface Killah,Mos Def,Mariah Carey,Maino,Jermaine Dupri,John Legend,Kid Cudi,Cassidy,Eve,Asher Roth,Justin Timberlake,Beyoncé Knowles,Slim Thug,Pimp C,Clipse,Ginuwine,Aaliyah,Mary J. Blige,Fergie,Jamie Foxx,Fantasia,Tyrese,Marques Houston,Kelis,Rihanna,Halle Berry,Master P,and Romeo and the last person they need is OJ da Juiceman and they also need Ace Hood.

  40. xXRampagex5hell5Xx says:


  41. LILRED says:

    man this game better be made!!
    id hate to hear they canceld it,
    but if they do,they need to bring back the blaze moves,that was the heart of the game,and more bloody punches,,and sum cool k.o’s lik fight night,,ther faces go al wobbly n shit,,aww and heeeeaaaps more cool gear to customize wid

  42. dougie frsh says:

    haha i would knock the hell out of soulja boy and little wayne! even tho game and 50′s beef is officially squashed it would be sick to fight against 50 with game haha, all i know is this better be better than def jam icon that sucked.

  43. kaymane says:

    maybe yall should have blazin moves like
    off first def jam and two and maybe yall
    should have a most powerful overlord like
    don trump and if you going to have lebron
    maybe yall should have kobe and that all

  44. chester wilson jr. says:

    This game also needs people like Nate Dogg,MC Hammer,Omarion,Baby Bash,Cassie,Flo Rida,Sean Kingston,Mase,TheDream,Ciara,Gorilla Zoe,Gucci Mane,Crime Mob,Keri Hilson,Kanye West,Lupe Fiasco,Yung Berg,Rhymefest,Jeremih,Common,Lil Boosie,Juvenile,Baby Boy Da Prince,Birdman,Webbie,Hurricane Chris,Mario,Jay-Z,Nas,Jadakiss,Ja Rule,Ghostface Killah,Michael Jackson,Mos Def,RZA,Mariah Carey,Maino,Big Pun,Big L,Jermaine Dupri,John Legend,Avant,Kid Cudi,Cassidy,Eve,Asher Roth,Justin Timberlake,Beyoncé Knowles,Slim Thug,Pimp C,Clipse,Gin wine,Aaliyah,Mary J. Blige,Fergie,Jamie Foxx,Fantasia,Tyrese,Keri Hilson,Marques Houston,Kelis,Rihanna,Sammie,TLC,Halle Berry,Master P,and Romeo and V.I.C.and the last person they need is OJ da Juiceman and they also need Ace Hood.

    • chester wilson jr. says:

      This game also needs people like Nate Dogg,MC Hammer,Omarion,Baby Bash,Cassie,Flo Rida,Sean Kingston,Mase,TheDream,Ciara,Gorilla Zoe,Gucci Mane,Crime Mob,Keri Hilson,Kanye West,Lupe Fiasco,Yung Berg,Rhymefest,Jeremih,Common,Lil Boosie,Juvenile,Baby Boy Da Prince,Birdman,Webbie,Hurricane Chris,Mario,Jay-Z,Nas,Jadakiss,Ja Rule,Ghostface Killah,Michael Jackson,Mos Def,RZA,Mariah Carey,Maino,Big Pun,Big L,Jermaine Dupri,John Legend,Avant,Kid Cudi,Cassidy,Eve,Asher Roth,Justin Timberlake,Beyoncé Knowles,Slim Thug,Pimp C,Clipse,Gin wine,Aaliyah,Mary J. Blige,Fergie,Jamie Foxx,Fantasia,Tyrese,Keri Hilson,Marques Houston,Kelis,Rihanna,Sammie,TLC,Halle Berry,Master P,and Romeo and V.I.C.and the last person they need is OJ da Juiceman and they also need Ace Hood and Lil’Flip.

  45. chester wilson jr. says:

    This game needs more people like Nate Dogg,MC Hammer,Omarion,Baby Bash,Cassie,Flo Rida,Sean Kingston,Mase,TheDream,Ciara,Gorilla Zoe,Gucci Mane,Crime Mob,Keri Hilson,Kanye West,Lupe Fiasco,Yung Berg,Rhymefest,Jeremih,Common,Lil Boosie,Juvenile,Baby Boy Da Prince,Birdman,Webbie,Hurricane Chris,Mario,Jay-Z,Nas,Jadakiss,Ja Rule,Ghostface Killah,Michael Jackson,Mos Def,RZA,Mariah Carey,Maino,Big Pun,Big L,Jermaine Dupri,John Legend,Avant,Kid Cudi,Cassidy,Eve,Asher Roth,Justin Timberlake,Beyoncé Knowles,Slim Thug,Pimp C,Clipse,Gin wine,Aaliyah,Mary J. Blige,Fergie,Jamie Foxx,Fantasia,Tyrese,Keri Hilson,Marques Houston,Kelis,Rihanna,Sammie,TLC,Halle Berry,Master P,and Romeo and V.I.C.

  46. andrew says:

    this is gonna be kind of gay because most of the rappers including lil wayne soulja boy and all the rappers raping right now but on the plus side im a beat up both of them and the new rappers using the real legends like bone thugs n harmony eazy e eminem dr.dre and others so im on the look out for this game and it better come out soon

  47. chris ortiz says:

    is dis 4real i cant wait 4 dis game 2 cum out watch out iam goin 2 be rank #1 online 4 da xbox 360 the gamertag 4 me is (DemNoles4eva)just like da no spaces or nun

  48. beastboy says:

    r kelly no way dog thats gay but i cant to play and they better have finshers again because icon suck am i right oh thiis time let us postes some ideas up for yall to see

  49. damian says:

    wat da hell… soulja boy. wat he gonna… crank dat soulja, super sock dat hoe. wat is a youuullll. im just wounderin wat he gone do? bout time they got 50 and lil wayne

  50. S.T.V says:

    Mayne if this game is tru they need to have nwa ugk big moe spm hell even soulja boy cuz what better way to ventilate stress than beat the shit out of a fake rapper that songs like his rule on a b repeat but larenz Tate should be in there as O DOG

  51. NetDaWrek says:

    First of all, I don’t think even half of those ppl listed are going to be in the game

    Second, I’m praying that there is a good story like vendetta and ffny

    Third, I would be happy as shit if they brought back the blazing moves and ppl from the other games that were taken out from the next games in line, like DMX, Scarface and Joe Budden

    Lastly, I just hope it’s a better use of my time than ICON; that shit was garbage, FFNY was the best

  52. OAK_RAIDERZ says:


  53. baamas says:

    what about the reggae artist like , baby cham, spragga benz, mavado, aidonia, beenie man, elephat man, vibez kartel, super cat, bounty killer etc

  54. Johnny boy says:

    yo hit me up on my email address wen this game is comin out and are u continuing from the same story line cuz icon sucked balls and so did that dj scratch shit

  55. B says:

    straight up they needs to go back to ” fight for New York” style type of game play again cuz all i wants to do is beat tha shit outta ppl i dont need this new scrachin bullshit i could do without but if they want alot more ppl copin tha game again do what im sayin go back to FIGHT FOR NY style…….

  56. Daniel says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article am 4: Street Legend.. : : Promotional Hip Hop Rap And RnB Exclusives, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  57. Fatman says:

    You people don’t even know if this game is going to come out. Do you have no logic in your tiny little brains. I mean, Hurricane Chris is gay and he is not even with Def Jam. You People are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. dirtyjerzy says:

    I hope it’s true that Bone (all 5) are gonna be in that game. They all got they own styles, so if they do appear, then they should all have they own style of fighting, but then again they are thugs. Where the gun and knife, lol?

  59. Tony 64z says:

    on def jam street legend it would be better if the gameplay was a little bit like def jam ffny and a little bit like def jam icon mix def jam street legend should have both of the Blazins in Dj screach. def jam street legend should also have more players to be able to play the game it should feature a 4 players mode offline in it should feature a new mode, a 3 on 3 match online and the story mode should be really long in really hard to bet,in also it should feature a coop mode on story mode, it should be a 3 player coop should have about 50 levels, 300 playable characters, 25 game modes like a 3 layer hell in the cell match in players should be able to get out of the cage in climb on top of the cage in fight in throw other players off the cage, in it should have a free for all match, money in the bank match were players can grab a ladder to get the money in the bank to win, in players should be able to create a level, character and a game mode.

  60. Bee67 says:

    Def jam street legend should feature characters like, plies, hurricane chris, ti, young jeezy, lil wayne, richboy, ludacris, juelz santana, birdman, 50 cent, rick ross, kimbo slice, eminem, dj khaled, tupac, notorious B.I.G., lil scrappy, yung joc, young buck, jim jones, fabolous, dmx, dr.dre, snoop dogg, ice cube, paul wall, too short, zone 3, jody breeze, girilla zoe, B.G., and more.and also def jam street legend should have a 4 player offline mode and a online multiplayer mode online up to 4 players,and players should be able to create a character.and players should be able to create a should have about 50 levels, 300 playable characters,and people should be able to download more rappers to play as,it should have more characters customization,and people should be able to download more characters customization to, the story mode should feature a single and coop mode,and the gameplay should be more better.

  61. Khri$ says:

    They needa put Cassidy,beanie sigel,the whole dipset(40 Cal,Hell rell,jha jha,jr writer aren’t listed) Dblock(J Hood,styles p,jadakiss,sheek louch) Saigon,Maino,

    But if this isn’t 4 real, sum of the ppl I listed should b in there since they are recent and made a lot of songs this year(Def Jams go by the best ppl of the yr)

  62. BestDefJamPlayaEva says:

    Do not even bother believing this cause all this is is some stupid idiot saying what he thinks is gonna happen cause none of this has been confirmed plus Lebron James and will smith would never be in the Def Jam games.Def Jam games never realease info unless they have a set date for it too come out.

  63. brutus69 says:

    mos def is one of the best rapper’s of all time and if people herd that mos def was in there the game would be popular in the video game history,and john legend,and the hole black star.

  64. tyeks says:

    i think nas should be in it he post to be in part three his song was on there plus he sign to def jam anyway if nas be on part 4 i know a lot of people will buy it

  65. erick says:

    danmmmmmmmmmmmm this is going to be one hell of a game the fighters are going to bye this game.the last three games where awsome.
    but the third one didnt have blaze. the ultimate should put that in the 4th game

  66. CERN says:

    The game should include more old skool rappers, how bout ol’ dirty bastard, he was with Def Jam before he passed away. How bout more Wu Tang? What about the Beastie Boys? How about Big Daddy Kane? or the rest of the Juice Crew. Put in NaS since hes signed to Def Jam now. How about Mobb Deep? I also think they should add EPMD, MC Serch, Nice and Smooth, Onyx, AND MANY MORE OLD SKOOL RAPPERS! They should include more old skool tracks.

  67. jr,,,,webbie trill ent. says:

    I want the whole trill fam in the game….. webbie,foxx,boosie,lil trill,big head,lil phat,mouse,shell,kim mocoy,kade,  

    and the whole yong money drake,wayne,birdman,lil twist,lil chuckie,nicki manaj,trenna