4 Is The Magic Number for “Notorious”


The long awaited “Notorious” had a strong opening weekend as it topped off at #4 on the weekend box office charts.  The movie, which opened up in only 1,638 cities nationwide, could have easily been #1  if it had more exposure.

“Notorious”, brought in an estimated 21.5 million and was only .4 behind the #3 movie “My Bloody Valentine: 3D” (21.9M).   This was a surprise to many as experts predicted the movie to reach just 14 million on its opening weekend.  Rounding out the top 4 were “Gran Turino” #2, and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” #1.

This was much needed good news, as recent events on the “Notorious” premiere night had many feeling down.  A man was shot at a the premiere Friday night which was rumored to have actor Jamal “Gravy” Woolward (stars as B.I.G) in attendance.  Also in Brooklyn, NY four men were stabbed at an after party for the movie.  No arrests have been made yet in either case.

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