Kianna Lynae Ayers – California Born Hip Hop Honey

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Kianna Lynae Ayers, born in West Covina, California, to two psychologists, has always excelled in the arts. Not only does she model, but this bombshell from the Sunshine State can act, sing, dance, and write. Although California produced many opportunities for her career, she decided to move to Atlanta, GA so she could be a role-model for her younger siblings. This move proved beneficial landing her numerous roles in major music videos, as well as major exposure in The Source Magazine Dime Piece Competition in 2007.

Kianna is focused on taking her career to the next level. She is ferociously auditioning and competing for acting roles as well as modeling gigs. As she chases her dream, she spends time strengthening her vocal chords, writing songs and poetry, hoping to soon make these hobbies her life work.

To know Kianna, is to know a real-life independent woman destined for longevity in an ever-increasing competitive field. Her charm and wit, attached to her great sense of humor separate her from your typically shallow but beautiful models.

BHI Ft. Lil Jon – Do It
Bohagon – Wuz up
Ciara – So What


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