Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Do You Really Want To Win?..

Mon, 7th July, 2008

K. SparksThis weeks blog is about something that most artist fail to answer truthfully…my boy D Roof said this in a song and I find this shit is mad true. At some point and time as an artist you have to ask yourself “do you really want to win…or just look good losing?” I see a lot of artist on Myspace inflating their song plays and views…why?

Most of these cats do this because they are just concerned with what they appear to be, instead of what they actually are. I see cats with 10,000 song plays a day, and don’t even have 12,000 friends? It doesn’t add up. But these cats swear that they are doing something. Honestly who are they fooling? They actually look dumb because the numbers don’t add up, now ask yourself “do you really want to win…or just look good losing?”

Then on the other side of the spectrum, we have those that rap about luxurious cars and all kinds of other material items, but they don’t have any of these things in real life…why? Now ask yourself “do you really want to win…or just look good losing?” You can boast about yourself being the hottest artist in your hood, hottest artist in the world, hottest artist in the universe, front till the bitter end, and continue to be broke…but have the appearance that you are doing great because that is all that really matters to you right?

I live my life based on what’s real, not based upon posing for others. I have over 37,000 real friends/fans on Myspace, and I don’t have to front or inflate my views or plays, the numbers speak for themselves. So I find it funny when I go to these artist pages and they are inflating their numbers with generators to appear like they are popping.

I digress to my point, really take the time to think about what I said and be honest with yourself when you answer my question “do you really want to win…or just look good losing?”. If you really want to win take off the mask, and start finding real ways to succeed. Stop trying to appear what you are not, and concentrate more energy on attaining your goals honestly.


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