5 Stage Names For Joaquin Phoenix

Sat, 17th January, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix can rap, really?  Yea its true as the retired actor is set to take on the rap game.  Word is Phoenix will team up Diddy for an upcoming album, not surprising that Diddy would jump in on this.  Joaquin is going to need a stage name, so we thought we’d give him five suggestions.

1. C. O. D. : Com-O-Dus (Gladiator)

2. JP Cash (Walk The Line)

3. Scarlip (Aint It Obvious?)

4. Lucky Lucious (The Village)

5. Broke Joaq (Nickname Inspired)

Update:  We got some footage of Phoenix in action courtesy of Sly Oyster.

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    • HHL says:

      I want to know what Diddy sees in this dude. I’m thinkin its all for the chedder, cause he knows it doesn’t matter if he’s good or bad it will sell either way.

  1. ben brower says:

    man this sucks someone needs to help phoenix, he’s prolly taking his brothers death really hard and has, as most celebs do, resorted to drugs to fill him up and this new joaquin that we see, the person saying “i’m just trying to be me” is really trying to get over his brothers death i just hope he doesnt end up like his brother… it would be a shame