Ya Boy – Holla At Ya Boy (Exclusive Interview)

Ya Boy

It’s been a long but short road to the top for the young rap phenom Ya Boy.

As a fast learner he has proven that he’s also a fast achiever, creating a large fanbase for himself that spans the entire globe, from Los Angeles to Europe. Interview by Glish of HipHopLead.com

HHL: Sup man.. how you feeling today?

Im feeling like a pimp.

HHL: So what are you up to lately?

Just killin the mixtape scene and trying to make sure Ya Boy is the biggest name on the west coast.

HHL: We heard your track Holla At Ya Boy and its a great output.. how did you gain the possibilty or lets say decided to use a Cool & Dre beat for that single?

Ive always respected the talent of Cool and Dre and always want to work with them, i met them in the studio and they respected my talent, the rest is history.

HHL: We some time heard you were signed with The Game’s Black Wall Street, but lately it doesn’t looks like that, are you trying be a boss of your self or willing to work with any other label?

I was never sign to Black Wall Street, Game just put his arm around me and allowed me to shine through Black Wall. We are still family, any label can holla if they talking big dollaz, am undeniable one of the hottest out right now.

HHL: So among all artists you have already worked with, is there any other particular artists you’ve not yet got the chance to work with?

Yeah, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Even DMX, just a few niggaz i grew up listening to and respect.

HHL: Is there actually any official collaborations between you and Eve?

Look out for me and Eve very soon.

HHL: How do you think your music is doing in Europe? you know this Hip Hop site is based in Italy and we will do what it takes to throw you all over the place..

I get alot of emails from Europe, i think Europe loves me and i love Europe.

HHL: So been a successful artist from the underground, do you have any thoughts to share with those trying hard to be where you are now?

Just keep going and do you, no matter what anyone says, you can do anything you believe in.

HHL: Ok Ya Boy nice talking with you, is there any other shout for your fans out here?

To everyone that supports Ya Boy and Precise Music, i love all of you and promise good and real music till they put me next to Pac.

HHL: Ok fam, Stay gud…

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