Watch Joe Budden and Slaughterhouse Live

Joe Budden

That’s right Joe Budden is set to perform for the first time with his crew “Slaughterhouse,”  live in NYC but you already knew that right?  I bet you didn’t know you would be able to catch the whole performance right from your computer.   Thanks to Amalgam Digital, come Thursday night at 8 PM the whole world will be able to see Royce, Joell, Budden and Crooked live on stage.  They also set up an interactive chat room so you can talk about the show with fellow “Slaughterhouse” fans.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to you as Joe Budden is quickly becoming the king of the internet.  You already know about which is growing by the minute.  Budden also teamed up with Amalgam Digital before on the live in-studio webcast as Budden took questions from fans about his upcoming release “The Padded Room.”

The hype for Thursday’s show is off the scale as Budden recently sat in with the great Tony Touch, to plug the performance live on XM radio.  Budden answered questions from fans and released a “Slaughterhouse” world premiere that will be hitting the waves soon.

Head over to Amalgam Digital for full details about the webcast.

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