The Great White Hero?



I know you’ve heard it by now, Asher Roth single handily taking down a terrorist who claimed to have a bomb on an LA airplane.  Well according to recent reports Roth is denying that he had anything to do with the takedown.  He is claiming that his band’s guitarist Chris Llewellyn was the one that should get the credit, but do we believe him?  Cmon now Asher you really expect us to believe this?  It’s clear to me that Asher is trying to take the spotlight off of himself by claiming he had no involvement.

The up and coming Hip Hop star is surprising the music world with his popularity.   Not the prototypical rapper by any means but Asher has proven he belongs and shit he is so big he’s trying to tell us it wasn’t him who stopped the terrorists, typical superhero right there.  For real though next time SuperAsher strikes again will he take the credit?


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