Sheek Louch (D-Block) – Donnie Def Jam (Exclusive Interview)


As we all know Sheek Louch, rapper and member of The Lox a.k.a D-Block, which includes Jadakiss and Styles P recently signed to Def Jam and its just a matter of time Glish of had brief conversation with Sheek Louch, to get us into details about his plans and projects for this year.

HipHopLEAD: Yoo What up Donnie?

Sheek Louch: (laughs).. Whats poppin man… what it do, what it do…

HipHopLEAD: Everything on point man… You know, i just caught up with you to keep the fans updated..

Sheek Louch: Yea yea, definitly, i just came from doing Kay Slay’s cover of his magazine, “Straight Stuntin Magazine”.. and i was shooting that sh**, now im done..

HipHopLEAD: Well tell us what you recently upto?

Sheek Louch: Oh, right now im excited, i just signed with Def Jam as everybody know and all that, shout to L.A. and everybody over there, im excited and im getting ready to let a whole bunch of good music out the streets of New York and all over the place.

I can say the album is like 80% done and i’m about to do some featurings and all that on it, get with a couple of producers i wanna work with and deliver that to the streets.

HipHopLEAD: Wow, nice man, im proud to hear that man, will def be expecting that.

Sheek Louch: Yea me too man, im excited, you know its like now i gat that machine that i make the good music and the machine is gonna push that much further.

HipHopLEAD: That whats up…

Sheek Louch: And we not talking about record sales, we talking about getting people in Italy and everywhere and where ever they at to hear the music. You there???

HipHopLEAD: No doubt man… Can you tell us where your influences comes from?

Sheek Louch: I mean, yea ofcourse, my hiphop is the Run DMC, EPMD group, i came from listening to the group, Rakim and all the cool g’s and all that, but some of this books gat me a chip like we gatto do this in and out thing.

But i like all the new school too man, i like alot of them that’s set out right now, i embrace it all, you know what i mean, i can study it and pay attention but i will still be Donnie G.

HipHopLEAD: Thats whats up… Tell us, at what point did you know you were above an average rapper?

Sheek Louch: Uhm, it happens for 3 points, for (1), when everybody in the hood and every car that was riding around was playing my mixtape stuff and all that, for (2) when it gat on the radio time, rated song number one, a hit song number one, for (3) when on stages everybody was signing our songs word for word, so it was like wow man, something going on here, something really going on, so i was like aight WE GOOD…

HipHopLEAD: (laughs)… Tell us whats D-Block status now.

Sheek Louch: Our status, its like us 3, we pushing Bully right now, we taking it one day at a time with the artists, we working with a couple of guys in the hood, but as we going we not forcing on anybody anymore, we gat projects with guys like, Snipe and like i said Bully and AP…

HipHopLEAD: Great, Just to give the fans a perspective, how did D-Block came up?

Sheek Louch: Ofcourse, you the LOX, we’ve been there since day 1, me Jada Styles, 3 bosses. and taking our movement to the streets first and then to the labels and let them know that we gat some guys that we planning on working with, even the days of J-Hood, from working with him and everybody we tried to get off the ground.

Shout out to the Ruff Riders and all the people we’ve working with in the past, now we really standing on our own, thats all that about. You know when you come to the game and you are young you listen to learn from everbody else to become a man and stand on your own, i dont care the basic is when you break off then you do you.

HipHopLEAD: Yes, i agree, but most dont get that, they just want to takeover whiles they aint nobody. (laughs)… Okay, so what should we be expecting from Sheek Louch this year?

Sheek Louch: Bangin album from Sheek Louch a.k.a Donnie G man, Don Gorilla… Shout out to L.A. once again and the whole Def Jam, for taking that chance. Am looking forward to collab with alot of different artists that i wasn’t able to get with before, im an OG in the game but i just really never worked with them, so i look forward for a alot of collab, my lyrics stepping up 10 million percent, so im loving it, am having fun all over again.

HipHopLEAD: (laughs).. Nice having you with us Donnie, any last words to the Sheek Louch fans?

Sheek Louch: Get ready, get ready, im dropping the mixtape soon, Donnie Def Jam, the mixtape is coming immediatelty and hold tha movement down, D-Block, Jadakiss, Styles P and everybody… Yea, 1!

Video: Sheek Louch Ft. Carl Thomas – One Name

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