Ron Browz – Whats Flow (Exclusive Interview)

Ron Browz

The street audience is often neglected by many producers in favor of creating popular hits for mainstream artists. Since the late ’90s, Harlem native Ron Browz has made it his business to bring both worlds together. Fortunately, he is now on the verge of receiving proper accolades for his work. Interview by Glish of

HHL: Whats up Ron, how is your day moving?

every thing is cool,finishing up my album as an artist.

HHL: You produced Ether for Nas, how did you come over that?

basically Ether was one of those beats that stook out on one of my first beat cds,when you listen the instrumental you can feel the energy of the track.i just so happened to get it to Nas at the rite time.i didnt know it was gonna be a dis record though. but im blessed its a classic.

HHL: So how did you feel when you later head the track you produced was used to diss Jay-Z?

i was like damn!! im not gonna ever sell a track again.because at the time jay z was on fire,and every producer coming up around that time wanted to work wit jay,but it worked in my favor.after that all the artist wanted to know who made the Ether beat.till this day alot of people dont know i produced that track.

HHL: You are also a rapper right?

Yea ,i started off rapping when i was younger.around the age of 11,12. I grew a passion for hiphop,writing,making songs,wondering how beats was made,things like that. i adventually got signed when i was 12 to an independent company.

HHL: So which do you actually wish to grow it up as your career?

mean been a producer or a rapper.. i mean hey,it worked in my favor being a producer people respect my jugdement on things.I wanted to be a rapper,being a producer wasnt in the plan,it kinfa just happened.

HHL: Beside Nas, which are the other big artists you have worked with?

ive worked with Ludacris, Fat joe, Lil Kim, Dmx, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Amerie, Big L, Snoop Dogg, Mya, Remy Ma.

HHL: Is there any particular artists you have not yet have the opportunity to work with, but you would like to?

I would like to work wit Nelly some r&b artist.

HHL: Ok, can you tell us how the internet has someway helped you to expose your music?

Wow,ive got so much love from the internet. Far as fans, people who really appreciate what you do. People from all over contact me threw the internet to tell me they like my music. It help me reach more people.

HHL: Are you ever willing to work for a record label or stay autonomy?

Who knows, maybe one day you might have a meeting in a label and its gonna be me you have the meeting with lol.

HHL: Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

ofcourse including me too.. Everybody look out for my album,its gonna be so crazy, different, not your average album. i got Remy Ma on my album, Mya, Jea Millz and a couple of other guess on it. How you not gonna support the guy who brought yall Ether lol
HHL: Lol.. 4 Sure, be good man…

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