Playaz Circle: Atlanta Duo’s Street Monster “Duffle Bag Boy”..

Playaz Circle

“You n*g*as barely dressing, I got thousands piling, That’s that salad dressing, I’m on my Playaz Circlethousandth island.”

Playaz Circle‘s Tity Boi and Dolla are finally getting a shot, now that the Atlanta duo’s street monster “Duffle Bag Boy” is bubbling like boiled water in a Pyrex pot.

” ‘Duffle Bag Boyz,’ that’s us,” Dolla said. “That’s what we’re known as in our ‘hood. The whole Playaz Circle thing, when we started out, the label was telling us what to do. We had the deal. ‘Do this song; do that song.’ ‘OK, we gonna go do that.’ It ain’t work, so me and Tit went back to the lab like, ‘We finnin’ to do what we do. Y’all gonna have to get with us now. We did it y’all way.’ ”

“We still listen,” Tity added. “We’re still under the umbrella, but we got our own way of thinking, our own way of life. We set our own trends.

“I never felt we were on the priority radar with them, although the streets of the A been waiting,” continued Tity, whom you’ve seen with Ludacris since the Word of Mouf album days. “How we rock in the A is well-respected. Lil’ Wayne did that song off the strength of us being the Duffle Bag Boyz and off our mixtapes. He would always tell us, ‘Y’all should be in the game. You guys are relevant. You got some music.’ We got half an album with Wayne, so getting him on the album wasn’t hard. I just said, ‘Give me a hood.’
“We are respected with our rap peers, people like Raekwon,” Dolla offered. “We just left 8ball and MJG‘s birthday party. We get love across the board.”

Tity said his group’s moniker has nothing to do with mackin’ or pimpin’.

“We had Playaz Circle during the Goodie Mob era Outkast, Wu-Tang, when things really had substance. ‘Playaz’ is an acronym for ‘Preparing Legal Assets for Years, From A to Z.”

Their album Supply & Demand dropped in late October and features Ludacris, Shawnna and, of course, Lil Wayne. “Duffle Bag Boy” was originally intended to be one of the lead cuts from the Disturbing Tha Peace compilation Strength in Numbers, but once the record picked up, Dolla and Tity were not going to let their window of opportunity close.

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