Jae Millz – The Statue (Exclusive Interview)

Jae Millz

Jae Millz is that rare artist that stands out above the rest. Repping Harlem, New York in the vein of artists before him that include Doug E. Fresh, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Camron, Mase and the legendary late Big L, Jae Millz is destined to be the next great lyricist for the new generation of fans. Recently signed with Young Money Records. Interview by Glish of HipHopLead.com

HipHopLead: Whatup Millz.. first of all happy new year..

Jae Millz: Happy new year to you and yours, and everybody out there.

HipHopLead: Before we start with everything, your a.k.a The Statue, why did you choose that as an alternative artist name?

Jae Millz: Actually is like i get the whole statue thing, when you fly to New York city thats the first thang you see, thats like a big money here. Everybody looking for statues when they come here on tour, so like thats something that people gatto see when they come to New York. I Just took it so if you think of New York you think of me, just like the statue.

HipHopLead: Thats great, so how was your journey from where you started to where you are now?

Jae Millz: Oww, its was hard man, you know i’ve been through 3 different labels. When i was young i was signed to a group “Mo Town”, went on to Warber Bros and then went on to Universal and my projects gat big, everything was just going crazy, like at the end of the day man my journey is been worked, everything that i’ve seen made me stronger, it made me understand the begining is always a learning experience so i just kept moving on like that.

HipHopLead: How did you feel when you had a first track blow up?

Jae Millz: Oww, it was shocking, i did this song, it was hot and it blew up so fast, within a week all the DJs playing it and people know who i am. The record blew up so fast and they talking about shooting a video, and the next thing you know is we in Jamaica doing a video with Lil’ X, Ky-Mani Marley, it was like damn its really happening.

HipHopLead: What track was that?

Jae Millz: No, No, No.

HipHopLead: Did you know it was a hit before or after recording it?

Jae Millz: Oh yeah i knew it, cuz it was such a catchy song and everybody was loving it.

HipHopLead: So among all the artists you’ve worked it, are they still any left you would love to work with?

Jae Millz: Yeah i wanna work with everybody man, for real, like i wanna do something with Nas and Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and Kanye West, a bunch of people i wanna get with, do something with Scarface and Beanie.

HipHopLead: What about producers?

Jae Millz: I’ll like to do something with DJ Premier, am like a big fan of Premier. And Kanye West.

HipHopLead: Have you ever toured in Europe before?

Jae Millz: Nah, i’ve never been over there, i’m looking to come over there real soon so definately look out.

HipHopLead: Whats the current project you working on?

Jae Millz: I Had a mixtape i putted it out last year, its called the The Time Is Now, but i gat a new mixtape out called Zone Out Season, you can download that on myspace or on hiphoplead.com.

HipHopLead: Ok Millz, nice talking with you, is there anything you would like to tell your fans out here?

Jae Millz: I Appreciate the love man, just keep holding it down for me, make sure everybody downloads this mixtape, look out for the Holla At A Playa remix, me and Lil’ Wayne jumped on a remix, shout out to the Young Money and Cash Money Records. Over and next shout to the whole New York and the whole Harlem, i appreciate this interview.

HipHopLead: You know we down in Italy, you know that?

Jae Millz: Ok ok, shout to the whole Italy and shout to my man Paolo too man (Wanna Blow Europe).

Jae Millzhttp://www.myspace.com/jaemillz

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