Mysonne – I Am Legend (Exclusive Interview)


Mysonne and hip hop have too much in common not to share such an intimate bond. Like hip hop, Mysonne was born in the late 1970’s in the Bronx, New York. He was born Mysonne E. Linen and affectionately called Myse by his close friends and family. Interview by Glish of

HHL: How you doing Mys? Its been a while we have been trying to set this interview..

Yea, Im good..

HHL: So, how does it feel to come back in the game to proceed with your music career?

Well, you know, it feels goog man, it feels good to come back home and still have love for the game and still be able to do what I do, It feels really good.

HHL: And do you think this absence of yours towards the game has affected your career in any way?

Ofcourse, i mean, when i left hiphop, the game was different, the whole game was different, music it self was different, it was more about suspense, it was more about what you were talking about. Now the game is different, so I had to change with the time, first it was about who can say the best stuff, who can spit the most clever rhymes.

Now its about who can say the most catchiest simple things, so its different than before, before you want to be more complex, now they want you to be simple and it definitely affected me because the time frame when I came out everything was different, so I had to adjust.

HHL: Ok, we heard your recent mixtape I Am Legend, thats a nice one and apart from that are you working on any other current project?

Right now I am working on, uhm, me and Petey Pablo, we working on a new mixtape and I am still working on my album, I aint gat a major deal yet, but I am still working on the album and schedule to put it out before the summer time.

I gat a couple of hot joints now so I am still shopping around for the best deal

HHL: Thats great. On your mixtape I Am Legend, are there any tracks on that means a lot to you?

My favourite track on is Im A Legend.

HHL: Why that?

I dont know, its like i just felt like I was inventing, it was a track that I invented. I mean I love all the songs, I love Im A Lengend, Get Your Cake Up, The Game Change, its like a lot of songs, I love I Get It In, there is a lot of different stuff on it that I love.

Its just that the mood that was on Im A Legend, the way I felt, the way I was inventing, it was the best to me.

HHL: Ok.. way back, you did a track with Jadakiss, that was Try Your Luck, I think.. Its really a nice track, can you tell us something about it?

Mysonne: Oh, you know me and Jadakiss was friends before and when I came home he told me yo whatever you need just let me know, so I called him he came to the studio and we just vibed up, it was a track by Dame Grease. He called me and said this track will be perfect for us, so I called Kiss, we moved to the studio and we just did it.

HHL: Ok.. and are there any other artists in the game you do respect and will ike to work with?

I mean, you know, im use to the great, you gat Jay-Z, Nas, you know, uhm, I like T.I., you know Im a Ludacris fan, you know I respect Lil Wayne, I mean there is a lot of different people, I like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross is one of mine, Ive done a song with Rick Ross, so you know I gat a lot of people there I would like to work with.

HHL: Ok, thats great. So what do you have to tell the audience out here?

Im just saying, i just want them to support me man, and that, you know Im working man, Im here busy. If my music is liked now, it will just continue to get beter. Right now hip hop to me is in a state of crisis for been placed by gimmicks and rigntones, its not about what you saying and music sales are falling because they are concentrating on the wrong thing and pushing the wrong thing to the public and the public is not stupid, so for people who really into music, you know, you go out and get one of my mixtapes and when you get the album you not gon be disappointed. Its not gon be just one song you like, I just want you to know that Im serious and im passionate about my work, so whoever support me I say thank you.

HHL: Ok man, nice talking to you, we will definitely talk to you another time.

Ok man, thanks for the love.

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