Gillie Da Kid – Get It How You Live (Exclusive Interview)

Gillie Da Kid

You may remember Gillie Da Kid as one of the founding members of the group Major Figgas, who smashed onto the music scene with their single, Yeah That’s Us but make no mistake about it, Gillie Da Kid is the King of Philly (K.O.P.). Believe that. No stranger to hip hop, the King of Philly has been holding it down for the Philly Hip Hop Movement for quite some time and has no intention of letting go of his crown anytime soon. Interview by Glish of

HHL: Whatup man, how you doing?

I cant complain.. Im blessed..

HHL: So, what are you up to recently?

Ive been fishing up my album and just working hard, ya dig?

HHL: No doubt.. We somewhere in a couple weeks read you are or lets say getting signed to the G-Unit Records, what can you tell us about that?

Shout out to 50 and the whole G-Unit, They my nigg** over there, But I dont want to speak on where Im going just yet, but I always say that the album will definitely be out this year.

HHL: Can you explain how come 50 Cent got at you whiles you were locked up?

50 Cent reached out to me when I was locked up, the relationship between 50 and the figgas has been there for quite a few years, real recognize real I guess.

HHL: Now everywhere and there on the internet we keep reading different articles and posts about you beef with Lil Wayne, and now that we have had the opportunity to talk with you personally, can you explain to us how it all started?

I mean Im really pass the whole Lil Wayne situation, he threw a shot at me on the mixtape he did with DJ Khaled and I threw one one back, but people know what it is, he knows what it is, I mean me and Shorty was always good even when I left Cash Money.

Me and everyone were good, to this day I cant really say why Shorty threw a shot at me but he knows me and he knows who and how I get down. I couldnt believe it when I first heard it and I reached out to Shorty and his peoples, he never hollered back at me so it is what it is, he knows not to play with me.

HHL: Do you ever think there will be peace between you two? I mean with Cash Money Records?

Again, Ive moved past the whole Cash Money thing. There is a reason why everyone left, its no secret how Baby gets down and there aint nothing to say on any end as far as peace is concerned, It Is What It Is.

HHL: What are your future plans for your music career?

My album is coming, believe that, Im just focused on bringing back good music and giving it to the people and fans who are feeling for something that they haven’t heard a whole lot of these last couple years. Im just out here doing me and feeding my family and holding down my city and my click.

HHL: Have you ever toured in Europe before? You know this Hip Hop site is in Italy?

Shout out to everyone overseas, I would love to tour Europe. Back in 2000 when the Major Figgas album came out I went ot London and there was a lot of luv there for me and the Figgas.

Europe is a beautiful place to be, Im down to rock whenever wherever, as long as the money right, ya dig?

HHL: No doubt, so among all the artists you’ve worked with, are they still any left you would like to work with?

Definitly Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Jadakiss, Young Jeezy. I got luv for all the real nigg** out there who got talent and are out here doing what they do, just like me..

HHL: Thats great man, thanks for spending some of your few time with us. Is there anything you would like to tell your fans out here?

I want to say thank you to all the fans for appreciating and showing a nigg* luv. Definitely keep an eye out for the album Get It How You Live, it will be out later this year. My single Get Down On The Ground is killing the clubs and the radio. You can all hit me up on Myspace:

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