Dilemma – Producer Talk (Exclusive Interview)


Born and raised in New Jersey, Dilemma has become a rising star in the production industry ever since he began in 2000 at the age of 18. Dilemma has worked with such artist as Talib Kweli, Rhymefest.. Interview by Glish of HipHopLead.com

HHL: How are you doing man?

I’m blessed. Thanks for having me. I feel real good right now. It’s a new year there are new projects on the table. I got my hard hat on its time to go to work.

HHL: And how is your beat game doing too?

Everything is good. You know how this music business is; it’s like a rollercoaster ride, sometimes its fast, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes its low and sometimes it’s high. As long as it’s always moving, you can’t be mad at that.

HHL: Since when have you got this inspiration for creating music?

My inspiration for creating music has been pulled from different sources from different times in my life. I started in high school playing the saxophone in my marching band and then senior year I went on to become a drum major. Being in control of a 200 piece marching band and seeing the reactions and feeling the excitement of the crowd when they hear good music got me excited.

I started to see that the crowd wasn’t just there to watch the football game but to see the band put on a show. Around 2005 when I decided to get real serious with music production, I was also a host at three clubs in Philadelphia. It was in the clubs where I once again got to witness the power of music. It changes moods and nowadays it’s probably the biggest voice you hear. It’s kinda clich but it’s the power of good music that inspires me to make good music

HHL: What or who got you influenced to start producing?

As far as who, who got me into producing, that has to go to my best friend, who is more like my brother, Adam Blackstone aka the best bass player on the planet, (google him lol)! We were roommates in college and our dorm room was our mini studio. We had a Triton keyboard, Akai MPC 2000 XL, Roland 880, along wit a mic that we kept in the closet.

Adam was always on tour playing for different artists so while he was gone, I familiarized myself with his equipment. After awhile I started to feel comfortable creating, and decided that this is what I have a passion for. As far as being influenced, besides Adam I would have to say my family, a good producer and friend, Versatile, (myspace him lol) and established producers like the late J Dilla, Timberland, Dr Dre, and Just Blaze and oh yea Daft Punk, those guys are great.

HHL: How hard was it before you started contributing on some artists cds as an up coming producer?

It was a difficult struggle, and its still is a struggle, but I guess this separates the men from the boys. There are a few obstacles that you may run into when trying to contribute on some artists CDs or some artist’s projects.

Just know one thing. Sometimes it’s not about how hot your track or song is, but it’s about who you know, and if who you know knows you. You might run into a person that talks a good game like they know all the right people. But do all the right people know them. Understand what I’m trying to say? So working with artists and getting on their projects is sometimes just a matter of knowing the right people.

HHL: Can you name a few of some artists you’ve worked with?

Sure, I’ve worked with Young Chris, Postaboy, Rhymefest, Vivian Green,. Omillio sparks, D Woods and Dawn of Danity Kane, and Talib Kweli

HHL: Are there still any other artists in the music industry that you would like to work with?

Of course.

HHL: Can you name a few of them?

I wanna work with everybody from Avril Levine to Jay-Z and everybody in between. I’d work with anyone that I feel I could learn something from as well as create classic material.

HHL: How will you describe your sound?

High energy, versatile, mood provoking, and unique. I’m not afraid to try something different and go outside the box. My music is an extension of my personality. To me producing is another art form. When I make a track I feel like I’m painting a picture. The drums, the instruments or sounds I use are my colors, the artist is my paint brush and the listeners ears is my canvas .

HHL: About how many tracks have you produced since you started producing?

I have produced many tracks, a few of them have made albums, and I have tons of tracks still in the pipe line.

HHL: Have you got any artist you find most interesting to work with?

I gained a little knowledge from each artist I’ve worked with. Each artist is different. You have to be able to adapt to each artist in the studio so you can bring out the best in them as well as them bring out the best in you. Certain artist will come in the studio and be completely hands on with the project. Other artist will just come to the studio to do their job and then leave, then it’s up to you to finish producing the record and make sure its hot.

Then you have artist who prefer to do their thing alone, and will call or e-mail you the record when it’s done. Posta boy for example was the first artist where I leaned how to make songs, actual songs, like hit record songs. The process was very interesting because you have a vision for where the song will go, the artists has a vision to where the song can go. At times it can be a tug of war thing going on where you both have two different visions and you have to come together to make a hit record. That’s where the trust factor comes in.

Out of all the artists I’ve worked with, the most interesting artist, is a artist by the name of Yaya (myspace him)! We have great chemistry in the studio and we both have similar passions for music. Working with him it doesn’t feel like work and that’s the joy in working with him. Good chemistry is hard to find and I’m talking about chemistry like Just Blaze and Jay-Z, Common and Kanye, Dj Premier and Nas, like Easy Mo B and the late great Notorious BIG. When these guys cut records together it was magic, you heard it, you felt it, you believed it.

HHL: What can we be expecting from you very soon or in the future?

I’m working on various projects right now. I don’t wanna jinx myself on releasing who or what, just trust me when they are released you will definitely know! My producer Album/DVD “Everybody Wants A Beat from Dilemma” is still selling like T-Pain ring tones lol. I have a few things up my sleeve that I’m working on so please be patient but just get ready. For updates and new projects that I’m working on you can reach me on myspace.com/dilemma123.

HHL: That’s great man, nice talking to you, keep us in touch with all your projects. Be safe!

Thank you for having me man. I appreciate all the love and support. Don’t make a hit for today, make a classic for tomorrow. Peace Love and Music!

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