Hip Hop Web Buzz: Roscoe Dash Talks About Travis Porter Claiming ‘Turnt Up’

Roscoe Dash

(Courtesy Vlad TV)
By: PJ “Premier” Jackson
After recent turmoil with Travis Porter and Roscoe Dash, we had the opportunity to get an exclusive explanation though various researches on the web and we stumbled upon a VladTV.com interview where Dash clears the air. Dash’s hit song “All the way turnt up” has captured the hearts of American in local clubs across the south. Now transcending the movement to other parts of the region, Dash has been faced with reports that this song was not really recorded by him. While viewing the video, you will be able to see the passion he evokes in explaining how this song is truly his song.
With much success this song has received, Dash went and petitioned fellow colleague Soulja Boy to be feature on the remix track for the song. Like many popular radio driven hits, this song has been unofficially been remixed by the likes of other southern rappers T-Pain, Ludacris. This story tends to happen a lot in the music industry because rapper write songs and record them and let other jump on the track and that tends to add discrepancies. (ie. The Alliance vs. Citty –Tatt it up ). Take a look at the official word by viewing the video below.

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