Grafh – We Bout That (Exclusive Interview)


Just a matter of time Glish of caughtup with Grafh, New York recording artist (rapper) of Black Hand Entertainment.

HipHopLEAD: So tell us, what you recently upto?

Grafh: Definitly man, you already know, always working man, the busiest part is doing my best to make it possible to give the people what they need, im a creative soul myself, so i like creating new things, coming up with new ideas, new projects so people can enjoy it.

Right now my new mixtape dropping called From The Bottom, me and DJ Big Mike put it together, its real crazy, classic music, you know what a do already, alot of hard music in it, alot of music that touch you, i got that coming (1), i still gat a DVD droppin too, its still in progress, but the mixtape gon drop soon, y’all gon have the link.

We gat a new single cooking out here, its called We Bout That, i gat Jim Jones on it, shout out to Byrd Gang, yea, we moving.

HipHopLEAD: Nice, now we gon take you back a bit, when did you get into rapping before getting known?

Grafh: Oh yea, i rap when i was young man, probably in High School, in the begining when i was first rapping i never want to persuit it, like to sell my rap, to other people, so i was a ghost writer earlier right before i got into the the industry.

HipHopLEAD: Who were and might still be your influences in the game?

Grafh: Uhm, different times there are different people man, like i really like the early Nas material, early Jay-Z stuff, i still like Jay, i like and then before Eminem, when was really raw back in the days, Snoop Dogg, i love the early stuff, uhm, alot dudes man, some of the current guys now, i love what Lil Wayne is doing, love what Drake is doing, i always been a fan of Kanye West, i like Slaughterhouse, i mean different guys representing hip hop in a different way, i like it all.

HipHopLEAD: Speaking of great music, whats the recipe for your song writing, is there any secrets, inspirations?

Grafh: I just jump on the beat and kill it man, i get inspiration from every where, from the streets, people around me, the things i hear, the things i see, experiences, what i like, it comes from all over the place and i put it over to the music.

HipHopLEAD: Among all your collaborations, do you have any favorite?

Grafh: I dont really have a favorite, everybody adds some difference, so each person i work with is soo different that i can even compare them, but uhm, i dont really have a favorite, but i did enjoy working with Bun B, thats my man, i like working with him official.

I enjoy everybody man, everybody was a different experiment, me and Cassidy did something crazy, Raekwon The Chef, Sheek Louch, me and Jadakiss had something before, Jim Jones.

Me and Kanye West was probably my favorite, to say the truth, because, he tought me how to make songs, i didn’t even know i to count bars, i was a child with raw talent, (laughs), he taught me how to structure my records… so shout out to Kanye West… (laughs)..

HipHopLEAD: Im hitting you from Europe (Italy), have you ever done any shows around here?

Grafh: Yea, did alot of shows in London, back around then, did a couple of shows, i love Europe as a matterfact, i really want to tour the whole countries, so anybody reading this interview, promoters should definitly hall at me, cuz i want to come back out there and experience the land.

Am the type of a person as a man, when i come to a different country, am not the kind of artist that hide in my hotel room, run to the show and run back, oh hell no, i have to experience the land, experience the people, i want to eat the food, i want to go to the mall, i want to go where the people at, do what the people do.

When i went to London i had a car waiting to take me everywhere, i said i dont want to take the car, im going with the train, take a cab, take a bus (laughs), sick man, you leave me at the club i will found my way here (laughs), i mean im feeling the city man.

HipHopLEAD: (lauhgs), Great man, okay we almost at the end, what message would you like people to take away from this interview?

Grafh: Whats really important is to get into what happens often man, im a real dude, real opinions and i express them in my records, so get into what i have to offer cuz it is for your enjoyment, it is my life, your entertainment (laughs)… you know what im saying… i put anything that i experience on records for you to indentify it, so you dont have to walk in my shoes or be in my neighborhood or be on this side of the world or walk in New York City and do what i have done to touch it, i make a chance to feel this by listening to my music so get into it and also follow me on Twitter:, on my Myspace too: and follow me on Facebook:

I want you to get into what im doing, making sure y’all not missing nothing, i want you to enjoy anything im doing here, i work hard over here and its for the people.

Video: Grafh – Myspace Jumpoff

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