Freestyle 101: Tha Alkaholiks (West Coast Legends)..

Freestyle 101: Tha Alkaholiks

Freestyle 101: Tha AlkaholiksTha Alkaholiks are legends on the West Coast, point blank. Over the course of their five classic albums they brought booze and beer to the otherwise smoke-heavy scene of hip hop via tracks like \”Hip Hop Drunkies,\” \”Only When I\’m Drunk,\” and \”All Night.\” They were one of the first hip hop acts to jump on the rock-centric Warped Tour and hold their own amongst the headbangin\’ and moshin\’ sect. And their live shows will go down in history as some of the most rowdy, fun-filled and wet concerts fans have ever witnessed. And if you saw Tash solo on Freestyle 101 last year then you know he\’s a beast on the mic on the improv tip.

So we were beyond excited when Tha Liks stepped into the Engine Room in Hollywood for their first performance in front of the camera in nearly three years to kick off their reunion tour (wrapping up this week, so check here for tour dates). Ya see, after 2006\’s Firewater, rapper J-Ro moved to Sweden, so the group has been on hiatus for a minute. But J-Ro has continued his grindin\’ with the Rare Earth B-Boy Funk mixtape, and Tash has issued the solo effort Rap Life and is about the drop the long-awaited followup, Control Freek.

Bustin\’ hard over an A-Team-style military beat, Tha Liks truly go of the top, as you can see when J-Ro starts rappin\’ about livin\’ in Sweden and pulling items out of his pocket to rhyme about, and Tash tries to work in his girlfriend\’s name in his rap moments after she paged him. DJ E-Swift just laughs along at his rowdy bandmates as they rock the mic and bounce off the walls \”¦literally! This was easily one of the most high-energy Freestyle 101s yet, so enjoy.

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