Freestyle 101: Loaded Lux (Harlem)..

Freestyle 101 – Loaded Lux

You’ve seen him decimate MCs on Smack DVD, B.E.T.’s 106 & Park, and a slew of Youtube battles. You’ve heard his mixtape Locked & Loaded, a blazin’ collection of tracks and freestyles. Now watch Harlem’s Loaded Lux get lose in the booth when Freestyle 101 caught him at Play Studios in New York.

In fact, Lux had so many rhymes ready to rock that he didn’t even make it into the booth, just started spittin’ right there in the control room as we were picking through beats. Luckily we started rollin’ tape (thanks, Joe Lynch!) and caught an impromptu, off the top freestyle that blew everyone in the room away. He threw in game references galore too…and this wasn’t even supposed to be the official take. But it was so good, so fresh, and so purely a freestyle, we told him it was a wrap. Incredible.

We met this firebrand MC through M.O.P. manager Laze E. Laze, who assured us Lux would knock our collective socks off. And he did. So pick up Loaded Lux’s Locked & Loaded, peep him on MySpace, and watch him destroy fellow MCs on Youtube. A big shout out to M.O.P., Rock Logic and Laze E. Laze for bringing him to our attention too….good look, guys.

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