Freestyle 101: Chill-E Will He? (April Fools Day)..

Freestyle 101: Chill-E Will He?

Freestyle 101: Chill-E Will He?Ladies and gents, despite it being April Fools Day, we here at Freestyle 101 are intent on keepin\’ it real.

Very real. Very, very, very real.

So real, in fact, that we have invited the greatest rapper on Planet Earth down to The Engine Room in Hollywood to spit a freestyle so dope, so complex, so fresh, it\’ll make your head explode into a bulbous, fleshy mess. Seriously. The dude is that good?

Meet Chill-E Will-He?, America’s best rapper!

Rapper extraordinaire Chill-E Will-He? practically invented freestyling. All those battles scenes in 8 Mile? They were really about his age of come-up, not that punk Eminem. Hell, Chill-E raps circles around Slim Shady! In his sleep! With one leg tied behind his back, kid! Accompanied by his DJ Mike Risha, Chill-E spit a killer rap off the top of the dome and chatted about what it takes to spit, how he prepares for battle, and reverse racism in hip hop. Hey, the guy is from the streets, so he preaches what he knows: thuggin\’, crime, his mic prowess and fly rhyme skills.

Now, make sure you make it to the end of the interview, where Chill-E drops some crazy science about the rap game and reveals the true meaning behind his deadliest rhymes. He also addresses some controversial subjects that might just get his ass shot! Whaaaat? Don\’t believe us? Think we\’re playin\’ you because it\’s April Fools Day? Son, you need to get schooled in the way of the streets\”¦

Enjoy this very special webisode\”¦

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