Freestyle 101: B-Real (Frontman of Cypress Hill)..

Freestyle 101: B-Real (Frontman of Cypress Hill)

Freestyle 101: B-Real (Frontman of Cypress Hill)Cypress Hill frontman B-Real knows hip hop and knows weed! Which is why he is the perfect MC for our special 420 Freestyle 101.

One of L.A.\’s biggest rap groups ever, Cypress Hill practically put smoking on the hip hop map with their 19991 debut CD and hits like \”Stoned Is The Way of the Walk\” \”Insane In The Membrane\” and \”Dr. Greenthumb.\” Though producer DJ Muggs gets much acclaim for the group\’s distinct sound, it\’s B-Real\’s nasally voice (armed with partner in rhyme Sen Dog\’s gruff backing vocals) that is the most recognizable element of the Cypress Hill sound.

All you need to hear is one second of B on the mic, and you know your jammin\’ to a Cypress joint, so to speak.

So Freestyle 101 was honored when the stoned raider himself dropped by The Engine Room in Hollywood to spit an off the top rhyme over a dope Messiaz dub beat, and chat about the early days of hip hop in L.A., KDAY, The Wake Up Show and Radiotron. He even threw in references to NBA Live and SoCom for you gamers. He\’s promoting his killer new mixtape Gunslinger 3 (available in stores and on and hyping y\’all on the upcoming new Cypress Hill album (in the works now).

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