Feature: B.O.B – Haterz Everywhere We Go..


This dude’s name has more meanings than we can list: “Business Over Bullsh–,” “Bring One Blunt,” “Bring One Broad,” “Never Been One Better” … you get the picture. He really used brain power when coming up with a hip-hop moniker. Nevertheless, the word on this cat has been so positive over the past couple of years that T.I. signed him up to Grand Hustle Records. B.O.B. is actually featured on a major cut on Tip’s Paper Trail LP called “On Top of the World.” The song also features Kanye West.

“We did that hook, man, a year ago,” said B.O.B., who has been called a mixture of Q-Tip, T.I. and Andre 3000. “During the process, we were getting the deal with Grand Hustle. T.I heard the hook, and he sat and thought about it for while. He got in the booth and was like, ‘What y’all waiting for? Let’s do it.’ It turned out dope.”

Clothing company LRG was so enthralled by his swag, they started using B.O.B. on billboards across the country.

“My sound is really alternative,” said the teenager, who was formally introduced with his debut single, “Haterz Everywhere,” earlier this year. “You can’t really place it in a category. It covers genres from rock to hip-hop, techno, swing music. It’s everything. It’s gonna change music. I know it’s gonna change music. ‘Haterz’ is just a tiny spec. But it’s a broad range of music. It’s good because when people get to know B.O.B., they’ll love him.”

His debut is called The Adventures of B.O.B. (he insists he wasn’t familiar with The Adventures of Slick Rick, he is only 19). On to the mixtape.

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