Editorial: When Did Tight Jeans Become So Cool?..

Editorial: When Did Tight Jeans Become So Cool?..

Donny GoinesThis has been on my mind for the past year or so and it’s really starting to bother me for some reason. Now don’t get me wrong, its one thing to wear jeans that “fit” (not everybody likes baggy pants) but I’m not talking about those type of jeans. I’m talking about jeans that are so tight they can’t fit over your ass. Some guys go as far as to buying ladies jeans just to rock this “tight” look and the shit is baffling to me.

Let me backtrack a bit because I think the problem is much deeper then that. First and foremost, when I was growing up I followed a couple few trends. Who doesn’t right? Everyone in the world wants to feel accepted so you might emulate things that others do in order to fit within the a certain circle, which under normal circumstances you wouldn’t. Once I grew a little older tho, I realized the stupidity of this action and really did the complete opposite most of the time (maybe subconsciously I was rebelling) and since have become an individual.

This is why I don’t make certain types of music, or follow certain kinds of rules and regs in this game. Maybe I am an outcast or maybe I fit in another type of circle. This all depending on how you perceive things.

I think people nowadays are brainwashed. Seriously. Like most people out there don’t have a mind of there own. When certain people say or do things then automatically others follow suite. This is a very powerful and dangerous state of confusion we are in. People such as Hitler, Osama, Saddam, Castro, etc. all had this sort of influence over others and look what they did with it? Now I’m not saying things would ever go that far in this country but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it did one day.

I really feel bad sometimes looking at the children in my neighborhood because they are following false prophets that are leading them right over a cliff. It’s sad to see the youth in such a mindless state. This is why I try my best to educate and teach them the best way I know how. I am no saint by any means, but I believe that guidance and proper knowledge are the key to opening the many locked doors that they will face in life.

I might be getting a little too deep with this editorial so let me regress back to the point at which I started. Tight jeans. Bottomline, they only belong on women. I don’t care what any rapper, drug dealer, celebrity, etc. says that shit just looks totally wrong on all levels. Now if that’s your choice, and you are making it as an individual then fine.

Good for you. I just hope that your not wearing these tight ass jeans because your under the influence of a certain person. That’s the same kind of effect drugs have. Think about it.

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