Editorial: Todays Business Model Doesn’t Support Albums..

Editorial: Todays Business Model Doesn’t Support Albums..

Donny GoinesAni’t that some shit? Nowadays the record labels are more concerned with “singles” then albums so where does that leave a person like myself? Who knows? I am the sort of artist who likes to paint pictures with words and sometimes one song just might not do it.

I had a conversation the other night with a man by the name of Zach Katz (J.R Rotem manager, Sean Kingston‘s C.E.O) and he really made this point clear to me. I definitely understood his advice and took heed. You see I’ve always explained in my interviews that there is nothing WRONG with ringtones its the rappers who make them that are the problem (ex. if someone gets shot you dont blame the gun you fault the shooter, make sense?).

I’ve also said that just because Im a lyricist it doesn’t mean that I wont have party records (do you think I just sit and home and study KRS One albums or something lol?). As a matter of fact I’ve already done a few. Look at some of the greatest MC’s of our time. Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Tupac, etc. they ALL had party/mainstream/pop”ish” records at some point in there career but yet still maintained their integrity (which is VERY hard to do I might add) but I believe one of the most power attributes all these artists and many more share is common. Balance. 

I recently wrote a concept album entitled ,The Excerpt” Pg. 1 within it all the songs had some sort of Hip Hop theme or context to it and was cohesive from start to finish. This was not easy. Rapping about “Hip Hop” all day is just as bad as rapping about guns on every song, or money every song so on and so forth. Why? It becomes repetitive and uninteresting.Tell me how many times can I tell you Im a dope MC? Its gets boring after awhile. You have to be versatile and learn to switch things up a bit. Now does this mean Im going to make dumb downed records that come with a dance? No. What it means is simple, expect many different types of songs from me. Not JUST Hip Hop, and not JUST albums. In this game you gotta roll with the punches and if that means I have to push singles instead of albums to get my point across, then so be it. I can guarantee you one thing tho, the shit will be hot!!!!

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