Editorial: Things Need To Change..

Editorial: Things Need To Change..

Donny GoinesYou know, many times I try to steer clear of certain topics in the news. This one tho is something that has to be spoken about. The travesty of Sean Bell case is not only a complete mockery of the Justice system, but also reinstates the fact that we has a people are nothing to them.

You ask, who is “them” and realistically its anyone who does these kind of things to us. Now its the Police. This is not the first time something like this has happened and it damn sure won’t be the last. These guys shot this man over 50 times and you mean to they me they walked away without even a slap on the wrist? What does that say for the Police as a whole?

If the situation were reversed, and criminals shot up and killed an innocent officer they would have hung them by there necks immediately. There would have been swift judgement and action and most likely the shooters would have not stood a chance. These officers tho were allowed to just walk away as innocent men. How is that possible?

I swear on my life, this is why I don’t believe in our community and our legal system. It’s a joke and too many double standards apply. They treat us extremely unfair and this just isn’t right. I cant think of any situation that would warrant a Police officer to shoot a man over 50 times. 50 TIMES!!!!!!!! How can these people get away with that?

I am honestly saddened and disappointed by the whole entire situation and I really don’t know what I can do, except for what I’m doing right now. Speaking on the matter and shedding light on these animals who ruin our society. Things need to CHANGE!!!!!!

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