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K. Sparks

K. Sparks

What’s goodie street family, for starters I want to thank Hip Hop Lead for giving me the platform to speak with ya’ll on a weekly basis. Weekly I’ll be checkin in to sound off in regards to different subject matter. Out the gate I want to talk about something that I hear a lot of Hip Hop heads talking about “the present state of Hip Hop”.

Alotta cats wonder where is Hip Hop headed? Who is to blame for the recent decline of Hip Hop music sales? And lastly, how can this be changed? In my personal opinion I think that there is no one in particular that can be blamed for the present state of Hip Hop music. The bottom line is that the internet has changed the way in which people have access to music. Back in the days people were forced to buy a whole album, even if the whole album sucked they had no choice but to buy the whole album. Nowadays all of that is out the window.

All a consumer has to do is log onto itunes, and they can get their favorite song for 99 cents. To be honest with you, a lot of these albums aren’t worth paying full price for anyway. This economy we live in is hard body right now, gas is $4.50 a gallon. With that said who wants to waste money on something that isn’t worth it? I think that artist need to start making quality albums again. Remember the days of The Bush Babies, The Fugees, Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and others? Those were albums I didn’t mind spending my money on because they were classics from start to finish.

Nowadays these labels are only concerned with making singles/ringtones, thus we are now living in a world of 1 hit wonders. I think that once we get to the point where artist continue to make quality music and raise the bar album sales will continue to do well. As long as the music stays sub par, sales will continue to be on the decline. I always push myself to make great music, if I record something that is subpar I scrap it and refuse to pit it out. My next project Hip Hop 101 will continue to raise the bar, and satisfy real Hip Hop fans.

For more details check back at myspace.com/ksparksmusic, Until next week, stay on the grind street family. 1

Author: K. Sparks

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