Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Importance Of Growth..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Importance Of Growth.. K. Sparks

What’s goodie street family, shout out to Hip Hop Lead once again for letting me sound off. This week I got a gem for ya’ll that is important if you ever want to get ahead in this business, the importance of growth.
Any business owner will tell you this simple rule, “in business if there is no growth you are dying”.

I am not exempt from this rule, over the last few months I came to the realization that I have simply out grown some people. My drive and passion for this music shit has and continues to take me places and open doors for me. Unfortunately for most people those doors won’t allow them to enter. People often feel a sense of entitlement to shit based on the fact that you are “cool” with them, and that based on that level of “coolness” people that do things for you will do the same for them, wrong.

People respect drive, not groupies. I realized early on in my career that I can rap my ass off, but that was just a small part of the battle. The other 90 percent is my grind, I don’t sleep until I accomplish everything I have to for that day. However. I started to realize that more and more people in my circle were living vicariously through me, and being too damn lazy to make their own connects. Now put this into perspective. If you have a Kingdom and there are a lot of people in this Kingdom, but only one is going out to get food for everyone. Eventually some people will starve based on the fact that everyone is dependent on that one person, and too lazy to get their own food. Essentially there is no growth, and the Kingdom will Die.

After a certain point I decided to do what is best for me, and cut pe ople loose. There is a big difference between friends and business. I have learned to seperate the two. Often friends come to me with business concepts, unfortunately from a business stand point their concepts will and cannot benefit me because the connects they wish to use I have already explored and moved past. In simple terms I continue to out grow them while they take baby steps in regards to shit that has already been done.

Another key point for growth is time. If you wish to grow you have to use your time wisely. Stay away from needy people! Needy people can be on all levels (emotionally, or financially). Some people have superiority complexes, which means they over compensate for their lack of confidence by constantly feeling the need to boast of themselves to actually convince themselves they are what they are not. These kind of people tend to talk too much about how great they are, which means they kill your time. Movers and shakers have zero tolerance for time killers. Why? Simply because the time you spend talking to an emotionally needy person you could be getting a million other constructive things done. I hate talking on the phone. 9 times out of 10 I text because it is quick and to the point. If it isn’t aboout business who the hell sits on the phone talking about absolute bullshit?

If you follow the steps above you will without a doubt get to where you have to go. And in regards to the needy people…don’t look back, check www.myspace.com/ksparksmusic <> for more updates.

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