Editorial: Stuck In Neutral (One Spot)..

Editorial: Stuck In Neutral (One Spot)..

Donny GoinesSometimes It feels like no matter how hard I step on the gas I just don’t go anywhere. I’ve dropped several successful projects, garnered heavy press, performed at some of the biggest venues in NY AND got a legendary producer (Dame Grease) backing my debut album yet I still feel like I’m stuck in one spot.

The music business is crazy. Sometimes I really feel like it just wasn’t meant to be you know? I have doubts at times and I’m sure you would too if you were in my shoes. Imagine working on something you really enjoyed doing for two years straight and not earning any money. Or being in a position where you have the talent but not the resources. Some people might write this off as typical “artist blues” and maybe there right. I go through this feeling often but you know what separates me from them? I KEEP pushing.

Yeah sometimes its depressing. Sometimes I just wanna spazz out and slap your favorite rapper haha but I know that’s not the move. I just continue to push on the gas in the hopes that one day I will reach my destination, where ever that may be. I know many people can relate to this feeling I’m describing, no matter what you are trying to do in life. We all go through it but I honestly believe that the people who reach the finish line are the ones who persevere through it all. And lord knows I’m trying.

Right now I’m all over the place mentally. I’m in the process of restructuring and figuring out my next steps so as I sit in the drivers seat I stare out into the rear view and also look ahead. This year is just getting started and although I may feel “stuck” at the moment I’m preparing for the moment I shift gears because I know it will happen. I just have to keep my eyes on the road.

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