Editorial: Meetings!!! Gotta Love Em Right..

Editorial: Meetings!!! Gotta Love Em Right..

Donny GoinesSo today I got a couple of meetings (one at a major record label and the other at some sort of online music company) and you know I’m really not that excited for some reason. Normally I am, but I don’t really have any expectations going in and maybe that’s the reason.

It also could be the fact that I had a meeting over at BabyGrande recently, which I felt I completely bombed haha. Whatever the reason, I just feel very “nonchalant” about it.

I am so use to being independent and doing things on my own. Since the moment I started that’s how it’s been and most likely how it will end. Me and my manager recently parted ways so its just now me and my publicist (along with a few other people who really support me out there) and truthfully I’m getting more accomplished at the moment then usual. I wonder sometimes about being signed to a major.

In this day and age is it really the best move for me? Honestly speaking, I think the only thing I’m truly lacking is financial support, other then that I am a well oiled machine when it comes to the music. Although I am not a manager, nor publicist or possess any other sort of speciality training I really feel as if I have a good grasp on the working of the music biz from my standpoint (the artist) so why should I sign over my life to another when I can do it myself?

Then there’s other side of the fence. Signing to a major would really help to free up much of my time and help with the financial cost of what I am doing. It also can put me in places I can’t reach as an independent. I think there are a lot of benefits to being signed, and the record label I’m going to meet with today understands the power of new media (which is very important these days). I would also be able to get a signing bonus and most likely endorsement deals and things of that nature.

Furthermore, I feel that once I am signed many other entities will begin to take me more seriously as an artist (sometimes I feel slighted by certain people out there) and more doors and ears will open. Realistically tho, this is all hypothetical.

When I go to these meetings today I will present my music and tell them my ideas and goals as an artist. I will explain what I’m doing, what Ive done and what I plan to do. I will listen, take notes and hope for the best but no matter what happens today my hustle doesn’t stop. I realized one important thing throughout this journey of mines, and that’s that the ones who move perpetually have any real success.

Enough talking tho, let me get ready for these meetings haha. Wish me luck.

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