Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Chitlin Circuit..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Chitlin Circuit..

This blog really has no specific direction, it pretty much just sums up how I’m feelin at this moment and time. If I could describe how I feel in one word I would say “tired of shiftless ass niggas” lol (every blog can’t be deep and philisophical, sorry). I mean c’mon, this week has been filled with bullshit. I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it rather than breaking it down section by section. I am presently in what I would like to call “The Chitlin Circuit”. What is “The Chitlin Circuit” you may ask? The Underground, filled with unreliable negros, bullshit promoters, and lots of payola. So here we go…

Problem 1: Niggas that Can’t Properly Network!
Why is it that niggas always want me to do shit for them, and they don’t do shit for me? Man I have literally helped more niggas than Harriet Tubman and what do I get for it? Nothing. Now don’t get it twisted, for the record I don’t ever help people with the intention of getting something in return, that’s not my style. But when a nigga bring that shit to me talkin bout “you got me” I expect you to show and prove and prove that yo ass ain’t another shiftless ass nigga flappin your gums.

However, Shiftless negro after shiftless negro continues to ask for favors “can you do this for me” “can you do that for me” and of course you always know shiftless niggas because they hit you with the notorious fantasy line “I got you” or “I’ll look out for you” (Studio audience response “booooooooooooooooo bitch”). Ya’ll motherfuckers know exactly who ya’ll are, but riddle me this. How do you “got me”? How are you gonna “look out for me”? Obviously YOU are coming to me because I have something YOU lack. So how can YOU help me? The answer is simple, yo ass can’t, so stop frontin like Rosa Parks on a bus full of crackers.

Problem 2: Unreliable Motherfuckers!
Maaaaaaaan, lawd have mercy on me. If I gotta deal wit one more mufucker that talks about they gonna do something for me and doesn’t follow thru I’m gonna kill a nigga. How many times do niggas tell me they gonna do sumthin for me by a certain date, and ALWAYS when that date comes ain’t shit done. I’m still at square motherfuckin one, why? Niggas say they gonna do shit and it’s never done. I’m tired of you bumb ass niggas, if you can’t do sumthin just say it. My pops always said if you can’t complete a task, there is no shame in saying you can’t. But mufuckers just don’t have morals no more.

I think niggas are so drugged up off weed and alcohol that their brain cells don’t work anymore, so they just say yes, meanwhile their brain is like “damn son, you know you not gonna have that done, why you say yes?”. Fuckin losers man, please get far away from me with that bullshit. Even further, my manager keeps tellin me mufuckers keep tellin her they gonna do shit and still don’t follow thru, well in my personal opinion ya’ll niggas are bitches without the pussy, and ya’ll can kiss my ass a milie a milie a milie a milie a milie times.

Hopefully next week will be better, but the way I feel now I got a long ass shit list, pray yo ass ain’t on it.

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