Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Payola..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Payola..

What’s good street family. For starters, I wanna shout out Hip Hop Lead again for givin me the platform to build with ya’ll on a weekly basis. There are very few Hip Hop websites that support the underground community. Even though I continue to recieve a lot of support, I’m still dealin with the bullshit of Industry Politics. Industry Politics come in many forms, real talk. Number 1, a lot of these DJ’s are straight bitch ass niggas.

If you are an artist in the music industry then you already know what I’m about to say is true. Most DJ’s nowadays won’t spin your record unless you are paying them. This shit is sad because I remember back in the days when DJ’s actually still had love for the music, and if they felt your record was hot they would spin it. Those days are long gone, and payola is in full effect.

This is a large part of why the music is suffering. Niggas don’t have morals no more and are just playin whatever is payin. Matter of fact you can’t even get a DJ to host your tape nowadays unless you damn near giving up your first born.

However, I wanna stress to all the artist that are on their grind to continue doing your thing, eventually persistance wears down resistance. If a DJ don’t wanna put you on his shitty mixtape, fuck em. If a DJ wants to charge you mad bread for him to host your mixtape, fuck em. Eventually in the end they’ll be comin to you for an exclusive when you make it, and then you can tell them “fuck you pay me” Number 2, a few of these so called official “Hip Hop” websites ain\’t shit either. I have a question, who the hell proclaimed some of these “Hip Hop” websites are so official? For starters, buying a domain name is easy as fuck.

So essentially any motherfucker can purchase a name, get a good graphic designer to make the site look dope, put up a bunch of pictures of Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, 2 Pac and other icons to create the feel of real Hip Hop, throw up a bunch of news that everybody already knows, and presto\”¦a so called Hip Hop site is created.

The sad part is, did you ever notice these motherfuckers that claim to have real “Hip Hop” sites always end up doing interviews on the most commercial artist? Yet they bost about reppin real Hip Hop? Or you\’ll notice the same sites cater to certain artist over and over again, but if new artist attempt to get an interview or review they get no love?

Ask yourself, is that reppin real Hip Hop? Fuck em, they can eat a dick. I\’ve had issues with this shit for a minute.

That’s all for this edition, but I’ll be back next week to sound off. Until then, stay positive.

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