Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Neo In The Matrix..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Neo In The Matrix..

K. SparksWell well well, it’s 1:29 AM New York time, and I have a confession to make…I hate Hip Hop music at this point in time. I feel like Neo in the fuckin Matrix. Some of these so called dopest rappers in the game right now suck like hoes on 42nd street turnin tricks to me…but everyone else feels they are the truth? It seems like everyone (e.g most consumers) have no clue what GOOD Hip Hop music is anymore.

What the fuck? See I’m not gonna name names cuz at this point and time the powers that be (e.g the good wholesome folk at Double Up Entertainment) have advised me it’s bad press to do so at this time. HOWEVER being the bold bad ass nigga that I am, ya’ll already know that I don’t give a fuck so let the games begin. This Hip Hop shit is the fuckin Matrix, alotta ya’ll wack ass emcess are a buncha herb ass agent Smith’s, and I’m bout to air ya’ll asses out in uno momento!

I find it to be fucked up that the industry is filled with so many groupies. Alotta ya’ll niggas (radio personalities, DJ’s, and etc) are weak like crack head teeth. And ya’ll suckas don’t know what the fuck to like anymore, all ya’ll know is what ya’ll are told to play, and brainwashed to like. Fuckin groupies, eat a dick.

So here I stand, Neo/Morpheus in the Matrix offering ya’ll niggas the truth. The red pill in one hand, and the blue pill in the other hand. Which will you choose? Will you continue to be a slave to the horrible trends of society? Or will you choose freedom? We are truly livin in some fucked up times, this shit is the dark ages of Hip Hop. REAL artist like Little Brother strugglin to sell records, and niggas drippin with wack juice going platinum? Nigga is this what Hip Hop has come to? Nigga, there has to be more.

And lastly (this will have to be all caps to emphasize the urgent nature of this on sum ol George W Bush code orange terrorist alert shit) STOP USING THE AUTO TUNE! The shit is played out like jerry curl juice and 8 ball jackets mang! Ya’ll ignorant ass niggas done stretched this shit out like turkey meat from thanksgiving long enough. Enough is enough already. God damn! Be original bitches. Do you and stop bein agents in the Matrix. That’s all for now, but stay tuned, Part II is soon to come.

K. Sparks aka Neo In The Matrix

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