Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Manic Mondays..

For starters, shout out to the Hip Hop sites and Blog sites that continue to show support for my movement. This week I started Manic Mondays, which means every week I will be sending out a new record every Monday for the next year. Crooked I started doing this with The Hip Hop Weekly, and Mickey Factz did his thing with The Leak. Before I did this I made it clear that I had to give both these guys their props because they are the ones that took the concept to another level. It would be grimey for me to just run with the concept without first givin props to those cats first.

With that said the first record I put out is entitled “Dictionary” Produced By Glish Productions. The beat is sick, and when I heard it I wanted to do sumthin different. Papoose already did Alphabet Slaughter, but I wanted to put a twist on it, so I chose to start every bar with a different letter, and utilize that letter primarily for each bar. I figured it is sumthin witty, and different. When I make music I always push myself to be different. Today too many artist sound the same, and they suffer bacuse of it.

When it’s all said and done, I want Manic Mondays to be something that people will look forward to on a weekly basis. Good quality music that cats can vibe to. The music is gonna range from traditional Hip Hop to Jazz Hip Hop fusion. It’s really gonna show cats how diverse of an artist I am. Sometimes I feel like Little Brother in the sense that the fans only prefer me to do “jazz Hip Hop” but I do everything, and Manic Mondays will show that.