Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Life Is Life..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Life Is Life..

Damn… I just found out some real bad news…one of my friends named Sequain (better known to most as Q) passed away. I was doing so much musically I couldn’t always speak to him on the phone, but we would always chop it up on AIM, but once I got my Black Berry I stopped using AIM as much.

Every now and then when I would go on my laptop I would shoot him an AIM but he never would respond, and that just wasn’t his style. At first I thought he was acting Holly Wood, but that thought quickly left because Q was a real person, he wasn’t fake. If he could do something for you he would. So today I find out that he passed away.

I am speechless in a sense, but I can’t be at a loss for words because that would be an injustice to how great you were. So here I stand cousin, to let the world know how much of a great support, motivator, and friend to K. Sparks you were. I remember several years ago when I first started rapping and was pressing up my third mixtape project, Q said “listen, I believe in you, I’ll make it happen”. And he actually went into pocket and helped pay for some of my CD covers to get pressed up. He never asked for the money, never stressed me for anything, he just wanted to help. This is the type of person Q was, he would always help if he could.

Q was only 28, but this makes me want to go even harder with this music, not only was Q a friend, he was one of my number one fans. Q would always push K. Sparks to go harder as an artist and as a person, I know a lot of the struggles that he was dealing with in regards to this bullshit industry, and we shared the same views in regards to a lot of the bullshit that is going on. The last time I saw him was on Jamaica Avenue and Parsons. This was right before I released my Eclectic album project.

I wanted to get some covers pressed up, and plus I just copped a new BMW so Q wanted to see the wip. We chopped it up and spoke about how lame the industry is, not knowing that would be the last time I saw him. Lastly, all I can say is that I will make a mark for you cousin. You will be missed

R.I.P Sequain http://www.myspace.com/qdzco

This is dedicated to you…

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