Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – How To Build A Strong Team..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – How To Build A Strong Team..

“We all have something to give. So if you know how to read, find someone who can’t. If you’ve got a hammer, find a nail. If you’re not hungry, not lonely, not in trouble–seek out someone who is”.

Building a team is important to succeed in the music industry. However, the most important part of building a strong team is ensuring that you have strong team players that all bring something to the table.

What good is a team with 10 Jordans? Even worse what good is a team with 10 Scottie Pippens (aka fake ass Jordans) lawd knows the team won’t go anywhere at that rate. The whole purpose of having a “team” is to have a diverse blend of individuals that can all contribute something different to the team.

The first step to building a strong team is self realization. One must determine what exactly are they in order to know what role they will play. Teams normally consist of 4 types (a leader, the muscle, the followers, and the brains). For example, not everyone is a leader. Let’s break it down.

Some people are meant to be followers. However, being a follower is not necessarily a negative thing. Followers often have passion for the one ultimate goal at hand. If you believe in someone and realize that they have that star quality, it is a follower who can enhance that individuals position within the industry. Without followers/supporters no one is able to make it on their own.

The Muscle
The muscle aka the goons are those people that don’t have the talent, however they will and can beat a niggas ass that act crazy at any given moment. Every team needs muscle. I don’t care who you are or where you are, you will always need someone that can knock a nigga the hell out when needed. Why? Cuz niggas are crazy that’s why dumb ass! If your from the hood then you already know how to scrap, but what you gonna do when you at a show and 30 niggas bumb rush yo punk ass? Pause, this is when the muscle aka the goons come in. All purpose ass woopins handed out when needed.

The Brains
The brains are normally not scrappers, due to the fact that they would rather use their brain to rectify a situation instead of physical force. The brains are normally the ones that live on the internet and are always networking. Why? Because they are smart number one, and number two they are normally more articulate than the goons. Example given: The Brains “excuse me sir, my artist was supposed to perform at 11:30 PM sharp, and I noticed that it is presently 1:00 AM. We would like to expedite my artist performance”. VS Example given: The Muscle aka The Goon “Yo mufucka, my mans was supposed to be rockin dis mufucka at 11 dirty nah mean, and my nigga still ain’t perform nah mean, if he ain’t performin we gone be beatin somebody ass up in here! Yadadamean bitch!!”

The Leader
Despite popular belief, the leader does not have to be the smartest out of everyone. Leaders normally are placed into position because they have a certain vision along with the talent to execute that vision. Leaders normally have swagger and personality that attracts others. Followers, Goons, and Brains normally gravitate to the leader due to the fact that leaders have likeable personalities. Leaders are also normally individuals that can motivate. They have the ability to be persuasive, and encourage others when needed.

In summary, determine which one you are and begin to build a strong team. If you do this you’ll certainly go far.

Signing off K. Sparks aka Neo In The Matrix

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