Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Haters Make My Buzz..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Haters Make My Buzz..

K. SparksFor starters I want to shout out HipHopLead again for letting me sound off weekly about different topics. This is a REAL Hip Hop website, so respect is due to these cats!

Life is good, I don’t have any complaints. I been busy like 100 mexican day laborers. For starters I got a nomination at the Underground Awards for Best Male Rapper (go to www.HipHopPalace.com) to cast your vote.

Secondly, I just did a song with Dipset recording artist Prince, and Blockwork. The song is tight like virgins, But some niggas were mad that they weren’t on the track, so the bitch ass niggas told Ophax “the beat is dope” (pause) why niggas gotta be bitches? I mean seriously, are niggas mad cuz they wasn’t on the song? Or is niggas just mad cuz they broke and aggy? Either way they can kiss my ass, and they bitches can suck my dick a milie a milie a milie a milie times.

See, if a nigga make a hot song I don’t hate, I congrat niggas and keep it movin, but noooooo ya’ll niggas gotta be dick heads. It’s all good, ya’ll niggas is birds without the biscuit and large soda.

In other news, it has been brought to my attention that niggas feel the need to make fake K. Sparks Myspace pages using my name (pause) what are ya’ll niggas doin? I only have two Myspace pages (myspace.com/ksparksmusic, and myspace.com/kdotsparks) these other pages floatin around are in no way shape or form mine. They say imitation is the greatest form of flatery, so I guess I finally made it big right? (Sarcasm).

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