Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – George Bush Is A Moron..

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Let me clear my throat again…ahem…previously I was watching “The Presidential Address” from our very intelligent (sniff sniff…can you smell the sarcasm) President George W Bush…I have a question, is this guy retarded? Seriously, I think maybe his mother and father dropped him on his head when he was a kid, and he had to wear a helmet while he road the short yellow bus to school as he rocked back and forth on his way to school.

Tonights Presidential Address was just plain stupid. This asshole sat up there and continued to ramble about the present crisis we as Americans are in. His view/opinion is that we are presently in this crisis due to “over spending” mainly on the part of lenders such as banks, and also the real estate industry due to them allowing every Bob, Mary, and Sue to get a home without properly screening them…

NIGGA PLEASEEEEEE! Yo ass is stupid. You conveniently neglected to include the fact that yo dumb ass fucked everything up during your term of “terrorism” on the American People, and your brain is a “mass weapon of destruction” cuz yo ass is so dumb fool. Furthermore, what about all of the millions on top of millions of dollars being spent on this “war” that millions of people are still not 100% clear on exactly why we are over there.

The Bush Administration sucks like hoes in the back seat of luxury cars and I’m glad they asses are gonna be out of office soon. It’s time for change…ahem…my throat has been cleared.

Author: K. Sparks aka Neo In The Matrix

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