Editorial: I Never Sleep, Cause Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death..

Editorial: I Never Sleep, Cause Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death..

Donny GoinesI’m sure many of you have heard this famous line before (well maybe some off you haven’t being that were in the ringtone era) but its a line from a very popular Nas song called NY State of Mind (google it).

Funny enough, I was just writing a song speaking on something similar before I started to write this blog but the reason this statement came to mind had to do with “The Grind” (so cliche right?).

Anyway here’s what’s going through my mind. As I was working on this song I started thought to myself “Why am I working on a day I should be at a Super Bowl party or relaxing?” and the answer came to me just as quick as I asked it. You have to work 24/7, 365 in order to make it. Period. Many people wonder how I was able to do some much in so little time (I’ve only been rapping seriously for two years as of last month) and that’s basically the answer right there, I never stop.

Even when I want to, or feel that I should take a break I continue to move or “Stay awake” so to speak (you see where the title derives from now) because as soon as I let up there will be someone right behind me ready to catch me sleeping. I constantly work on my artform, music, performance, etc. and just focus on improving my skills and craft.

All day, every night for the past two years. Literally, EVERY NIGHT AND DAY people. No bullshit. So why am I telling you this right? Simple, I want you to understand that it takes hard work, persistence, and a STRONG work ethic in order to make in the music business or anywhere else.

Just because you see people on the T.V with a bunch of models and throwing cash around doesn’t mean its that easy. You have to really dedicate yourself and not allow things to deter you from your goal.

I’m not saying its easy, but it is possible. So while many of you will be enjoying the Super Bowl or whatever other activities you enjoy I will be working.  Just something for you to think about if your pursuing anything worthwhile in life. In my case tho, Death is a very distant cousin who rarely visits.

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